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Zambia is the wild and untamed heart of Africa—a natural paradise known only to the lucky few that venture off the well-beaten safari track. Round the bend on the trail and find this hidden gem of vast wilderness and plentiful wildlife.


01 Victoria Falls

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One of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, few spectacles can compare to a sighting of the Zambezi river in full flood, falling as a gigantic curtain of water at 500 million liters per minute into a gorge over 100 meters below. Referred to as "the smoke that thunders," the falls' columns of spray can be seen rising into the air from miles away.


02 The Kasanka Bat Migration

Zambia's Kasanka National Park is where you can witness the largest mammal migration on Earth. Every year between November and December, the skies fill with approximately 10 million fruit bats that descend on the park's plentiful musuku and mufinsa fruit trees. Large birds of prey swoop through the air to feast on the unsuspecting bats. The bats' precise pre-migratory habitat is unknown, but their journey begins deep within the Congo rainforest.

bats, trees, zambia YolandaVanNiekerk / Getty Images

03 Blue Lagoon National Park

The Blue Lagoon National Park is a vast floodplain situated 100 kilometers from Lusaka. It alternates between being a parched desert in the dry season and blue-green vegetation aquatic paradise in the rainy season. One of the most naturally beautiful places in Zambia, this park is a bird watcher's best-kept secret and home to possibly the most diverse range of bird species in Zambia.

No images of Blue Lagoon, Zambia. This similar image is in another African country. tropicalpixsingapore / Getty Images

04 Shiwa Ng'andu

Situated amidst wild bush and lushly forested hills is a country mansion that would seem more befitting in the English countryside. Shiwa Ng'andu, which translates as ''Lake of the Royal Crocodiles," is a gracious home built by a British pioneer who found it much cheaper to buy land here. The lakes and forests of the 25,000-acre estate are home to 30 endangered bird species as well as plentiful wildlife.

deer, grassland, vegetation Costa Frangeskides / Getty Images

05 Devil's Pool

When the water that cascades over the Victoria Falls reach a certain level, a pool of tranquil water forms on its very edge. Known as the Devil’s Pool, this ultimate infinity pool is formed by a stone barrier that contains water that would otherwise plunge into the river far below. Those who are the most adventurous can have the opportunity of swimming to the Falls' very edge and peer over the rim into the gorge a 100 meters below.

Vertical image but the only picture of the devil's pool. paulafrench / Getty Images

06 Walking Safaris

Walking safaris are one of the best ways to view wildlife, and with some of the best terrain on offer, it should come as no surprise that Zambia is where the practice originated. The South Luangwa National Park is said to be safari's birthplace, and it offers some of the best opportunities for experiencing this type of exploration. Its forests, rivers, parks, and abundant wildlife are a must-see experience.

elephants, mountains, plains paulafrench / Getty Images

07 Royal Livingstone Express

A unique culinary journey awaits those that board the luxury Royal Livingstone steam train. Passengers enjoy a fine dining experience combined with a trip through scenic surroundings on their way to the Victoria Falls bridge. The train’s regular route follows along the historic 15 km Mulobezi railway line and runs through the heart of the Zambezi River Valley.

train, bridge, victoria falls, river Ammonitefoto / Getty Images

08 The Quadripoint

The frontier where Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, and Zambia meet is known as the four corners of Africa and is the only quadripoint to exist in the world. It's situated approximately 80 kilometers west of the Victoria Falls and at the confluence of the Zambezi and Cuando rivers. Any tourist ambitions of walking across the borders of four countries at once, sadly, are impossible.

No quadripoint images. This is the closest approximation, the Caprivi Strip. Valmol48 / Getty Images

09 Lake Tanganyika

Lake Tanganyika is one of the world's true natural wonders. An enormous inland sea, its waters hug the shores of four countries: Tanzania, Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Zambia, making it the longest lake in the world. Its transparent waters teem with aquatic life and offer a uniquely uniform temperature to its 350 unique species of fish. Its pristine white beaches, palm trees, and tropical fish give this destination all the visual splendor of a tropical island paradise.

lake, hills, trees, water guenterguni / Getty Images

10 Kapishya Hot Springs

Within the gardens of a coffee plantation and along a lush rainforest path lies a secluded treasure, tucked away in the corner of a colonial estate. The Kapishya hot springs are concealed among tangled vegetation and kept at a constant temperature by a retaining wall that serves to deter wandering crocodiles. This striking feature awaits any fortunate, travel-worn wanderer.

An image of a hot spring in Africa but it doesn't identify itself as Kapishya. Hamath Dorby / Getty Images

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