Plan Your Unforgettable Getaway to Sydney

Sydney is a city that's brimming with fun things to do, great places to go, and full of natural and man-made appeal. From mountain climbing and relaxing on the beach to shopping and theaters, the only hard thing about planning a trip to Sydney is deciding which places you aren't going to visit. Whether you're an adventurer looking to conquer new challenges, an enthusiast for all things local, or if your perfect day consists of lounging by the beach, there's no shortage of things to do in Sydney.


01 Hike the Blue Mountains and see the Three Sisters

The Three Sisters at sunrise AndriiSlonchak / Getty Images

The Three Sisters of Sydney are an unusual, distinct rock formation in New South Wales near Sydney. They’re the result of millennia of erosion and have a unique, dappled coloration as a result of recent decay, revealing fresh sandstone in some places while the ancient and weathered stone remains in others. As a nice plus, the Three Sisters Trail is a fairly easy hike that most people can enjoy.


02 Relax at Camp Cove Beach

Beautiful Camp Cove Beach Siegfried Schnepf / Getty Images

Camp Cove Beach is one of the most picturesque beaches on the planet; it forms around a small headland and feels remarkably tranquil. It’s a friendly destination for sunbathers and heavily frequented by beginner snorkelers, who love it for the calm, peaceful waters. Additionally, sailboats are a common sight in the cove and you can take a short trail to a nearby nature preserve.


03 Visit Bondi Beach

World-Famous Bondi Beach RugliG / Getty Images

On the other hand, you have the famous and exciting Bondi Beach, one of the most iconic city beaches in the world. It’s a great destination for surfers with reliable waves and it’s common to find people playing all sorts of games in the clear, clean sands of Bondi Beach. From volleyball and Frisbee to swimming and sunbathing, anyone who loves the beach will be right at home here.


04 Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge

The imposing Sydney Harbour Bridge asiafoto / Getty Images

Rock climbing enthusiasts ought to enjoy this challenge. BridgeClimb Sydney will equip you with the proper safety equipment and guidance to climb the gorgeous Sydney Harbour Bridge. What’s more, you can take one of four different bridge climbing tours, and each is suitable for a different level of skill and confidence. While climbing enthusiasts will be right at home here, even children can comfortably give it a go. You’ll stroll across catwalks, climb railing and enjoy the amazing views from the bridge.


05 Take a Tour of Sydney Town Hall

The busy streets of Sydney LeoPatrizi / Getty Images

The Sydney Town Hall is an impressive, daunting, and beautifully adorned structure built along Victorian lines. The interior is ornately decorated, and the town hall often plays host to a number of different venues and events. While you should see what events lay in store for your Sydney visit, the Town Hall is a majestic architectural work of art and a bustling shopping center year-round.


06 Take a Trip to South Head

An aerial shot of South Head chinaface / Getty Images

Across Watson Bay in East Sydney, South Head is one destination that should be a priority for your visit. The lookout over The Gap is a popular destination with a breathtaking view of the Tasman Sea, and it’s an excellent perch for summer whale spotting. Military history enthusiasts will appreciate the significance of the location to the Australian military and the settlement of Australia. When Australia was still a fairly young colony, South Head housed a signal gun to announce arriving ships as well as a lookout and a garrison that served an important role for the burgeoning town of Sydney.


07 Visit Enmore Theater on King Street, Newton

Colorful, diverse King Street kokkai / Getty Images

Newton is a burgeoning hipster town in Sydney that retains a distinct, multigenerational personality nonetheless. While there are new bars and restaurants popping up with great regularity, there are also many older shops and restaurants from the hippie era or younger. One of the best symbols of Newton is the Enmore Theater, an aging building that the locals have lovingly maintained. Fittingly, it’s a popular site of social gatherings and a venue for live music and comedy shows.


08 Go to the Park and Take a Wine Tour in Kirribilli, North Sydney

The jacaranda trees of Kirribilli zetter / Getty Images

Kirribilli is a trendy area for locals filled with interesting activities and gorgeous streets lined with jacaranda trees. A quick trip to the Milson Park will have you within easy walking distances of the jacaranda streets. The Kirribilli Markets are a fun, lively destination to find all sorts of handmade, artisan goods that you won’t see anywhere else.


09 Take a Tour of the Sydney Opera House

Boats steaming left and right past the Sydney Opera House jfoltyn / Getty Images

No visit to Sydney is complete without a tour of the Sydney Opera House, Australia’s most famous heritage site and a symbol of the nation. It’s one of the most impressive, architecturally unique structures in the world and qualifies as a man-made wonder of the world. The official tours of the Sydney Opera House promise a fascinating trip through the hundreds of rooms, corridors, secrets, and stories that rest within the impressive structure.


10 Swim In a Pool, in the Ocean!

Pool Bronte Beach Baths

Sydney is home to many stunning natural pools; some overlook the ocean, while some are placed right in the Pacific. The Bronte Baths are a beautiful example of a Sydney nature pool. It’s large and comfortable enough to accommodate competitive swimmers and people drifting along without a care in the world, and it’s separated from the ocean by a scenic, thin coastline of rocks. These are the perfect place to sit and gaze out onto the ocean.


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