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Ukraine is a country in Eastern Europe that rarely makes it onto holidaymaker wishlists, yet its varied scenery and rich history make it a fascinating destination. Ukraine is unspoiled and interesting, and it welcomes tourists with its coasts facing the Black Sea, lush forests, catacombs, and religious sites. Now is a good time to see the sights before the "secret" gets out and it becomes a tourist hot spot like so many other parts of Europe.


01 Chernobyl Tours

Thrill-seekers and history buffs should pay a visit to Chernobyl. To some, the disaster is a fresh memory. To others, it's something that was brought to life by the recent TV show. The exclusion zone of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster is open to visitors on closely supervised tours. Seeing the site city, frozen in time in exactly the state it was when people evacuated, is incredible. This eerie experience will bring the abstract idea of the Chernobyl incident to life.

The fox being fed by tourists that has no fear of people and behaves like a dog in the ghost town of Pripyat, Ukraine, 08.08.2018 Tijuana2014 / Getty Images

02 The Tunnel of Love

If you are seeking an uplifting experience, pay a visit to the tunnel of love. Legend has it that this natural train tunnel will grant the wishes of all the love birds who visit it. The Tunnel of Love is a stunning and powerful reminder that even in places where humans have done a lot of damage, the beauty of nature is often an unstoppable force.

Tunnel of Love Conan-Edogawa / Getty Images

03 The Odessa Catacombs

The Catacombs in Odessa are the largest surviving network in the world. This intimidating labyrinth was largely the result of stone mining. The limestone dug out of the catacombs was used for many of the buildings in the city. Locals love to tell the story of a mysterious young woman who wandered into the catacombs and never returned. While Internet stories abound, her body was never found. The catacombs are vast and difficult to navigate, so get yourself a guide and explore, if you are brave enough.

Old Catacombs Odessa photovova / Getty Images

04 Saint Sophia's Cathedral

This Cathedral is remarkably well preserved, with mosaics from Byzantine artists lining the inside. There are 177 different shades making up the artwork, and it's a sight that will move even the most worldly traveler. The bell tower features a viewing platform that provides unrivaled views of the landscape and architecture of Kiev, making it a wonderful spot for quiet contemplation.

Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev yulenochekk / Getty Images

05 Golden Gate

The Golden Gate was originally built more than 900 years ago by Yaroslav the Wise. The majestic structure that stands there today is a faithful reconstruction from more recent times. Stand in awe at the scale and intricacy of the gate, as this is a proud piece of history for Kiev.

Golden Gate Kiev Ukraine bpperry / Getty Images

06 Kamianets Podilskyi Castle

Explore this open-air castle and feel like a real Medieval warrior. Climb to the top to enjoy the views, or take part in an archery tournament and see if you could truly have been a warrior. Alternatively, go for a ride in a hot air balloon and see the green fields from above for a more relaxing way to take in the sights. From quiet contemplation to thrilling combat, this open-air museum makes visitors feel alive.

View of Kamianets-Podilskyi Igor Banaszczyk / Getty Images

07 Sofiyivka Botanical Park

Take a moment to slow down and appreciate nature with a trip to this tranquil park in Uman City. Enjoy the picturesque rocks and stunning waterfalls. The park is incredibly well-preserved and unspoiled, and a wonderful place for some quiet contemplation and meditation.

View of Sofiyivka Park in Uman city, Ukraine Olga Gont / Getty Images

08 The Carpathian Mountains

Mount Hoverla is the highest point in Ukraine at a staggering 2,061 feet, and it's a popular spot for thrill-seekers who are looking for an unusual and out of the way camping trip. The Carpathian Mountains offer one-of-a-kind views out over the landscape of Ukraine, so take a guide and make some memories.

View from Romanian Carpathian Mountains dannicolae / Getty Images

09 Grishko Central Botanical Gardens

Greenhouse in Grishko Central Botanical Garden in Kiev, Ukraine

If you want to see the great variety of flora and fauna in Ukraine, consider taking a trip through the Grishko Central Botanical gardens. Well-preserved and with breathtaking panoramas of flowers, trees, and plants, this garden is truly a nature lover's dream. The blossoms of Sakura and Magnolia are a sight to behold, even if you are not a gardener.


10 Pripyat Amusement Park

View the abandoned amusement park in Pripyat, part of the area evacuated as a part of the Chernobyl disaster. This park, like the city, is frozen in time, and it's fascinating to behold. Be sure to go with a guide for safety reasons. Visitors will soon see why this ghost town is so popular in lore and modern counter-culture.

Ferris wheel of Pripyat ghost town 2019 svedoliver / Getty Images

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