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Must Eats in Vancouver: Food Trucks, Dim Sum, and More

Tourists and visitors have started to realize what residents of Vancouver have known for years: it's a foodie paradise. The city's thriving food scene is fueled by multiculturalism, fresh seafood, tons of high-quality local ingredients, and constant innovation. Regardless of where in Vancouver you end up, you can find restaurants that are must-haves on any travel itinerary. If you're planning a foodie trip and want the most diverse selection imaginable, Vancouver is the place for you.


01 Granville Island Public Market - Seafood from The Lobster Man

Sign of Lobster Man at public market on Granville island in Vancouver city ARTYOORAN /

When it comes to finding good food in Vancouver, you have to stop by the Granville Island Public Market. It's that simple. Not only is the entire market full of local foods of every imaginable type—from elegant French pastries to Italian pasta. But the best, by far, has to be The Lobster Man. Its menu is full of fresh seafood options that are sure to impress. The fresh oysters and the seafood platters are must-tries.


02 Miku Restaurant - Japanese Cuisine

Don't forget to visit downtown Vancouver, or you'll miss out on the best Japanese food you'll ever taste. The two sister restaurants, Miku and Minami, are the perfect destinations for anyone wanting authentic—but innovative—Japanese dishes. Miku introduced the Aburi cooking practice to Vancouver in 2008, which involves flame-torching the sushi to release distinctive flavors. Order some salmon oshi and enjoy your waterfront dining experience.

03 La Belle Patate - Authentic Poutine

You can't visit Canada and not have some poutine. But if you're going to try the Great White North's signature dish, you should try the best the country has to offer. While many restaurants fight for that claim, La Belle Patate is definitely competing for the top spot when it comes to authentic, Quebec-style poutine. This delicious marriage of french fries, cheese curds, and piping hot gravy is exactly what any visitor to Vancouver needs.

04 Fable Kitchen - Farm-to-Table Dining

If you're in Vancouver, you probably also want to sample the city's local produce and foods. The Fable Kitchen promises exactly that, sourcing all of its sustainable ingredients from local producers. This is the best farm-to-table dining in Vancouver. The spaghetti and duck meatballs are impossibly delicious.

05 Revolver Coffee - Artisanal Coffee Experience

Vancouver is famous for a lot of things, but arguably, one of its biggest claims to fame is its coffee culture. Revolver Coffee isn't just famous in Vancouver—it's known worldwide. The shop provides bulk shipping to people in the U.S. and Canada because so many people outside of Vancouver crave its products. Revolver Coffee's bean selection is so extensive you could spend hours just sampling different brews.

06 Japadog - Vancouver's Food Truck Scene

A shot of several food trucks including the world famous Japadog street food vendor lining a street in the hip Olympic Village neighbourhood of Vancouver CineCam /

True foodies know that a vacation isn't complete without sampling some of the area's food trucks. Vancouver has plenty to choose from, and it can be hard to decide which is worth your time. One of the most unique is Japadog, a standout in the scene with a menu full of unique, Japanese-style hot dogs. The Terimayo Hot Dog with Teriyaki sauce, mayo, and seaweed is a once-in-a-lifetime taste experience, and the Yakiniku Rice is unforgettable.


07 Brassneck Brewery - Craft Beer Exploration

Craft beer is also hugely popular in Vancouver. Travelers looking to taste some local brews need to swing by Brassneck Brewery, one of the city's most iconic destinations for craft beer. This brewery offers tastings of about 12 different options, ranging from hazy IPAS to lagers, pilsners, aged beers, farmhouse ales, and so much more. Brassneck promises to "cover the full gamut," and they certainly achieve that goal.

08 Hawksworth Restaurant - Fine Dining

During your stay in Vancouver, consider visiting Hawksworth if you need to celebrate or just want to treat yourself to a fancy meal. This Korean-style fine dining establishment serves high-end food with powerful flavors. Those who frequent the elegant restaurant love the wagyu carpaccio and the crab agnolotti, but you honestly can't go wrong with any of the options on the menu. Remember, this isn't a quick in-and-out restaurant; this is an experience.

09 Salmon n' Bannock - Traditional Indigenous Cuisine

For anyone searching for something truly local, Salmon n' Bannock is the answer. This charming bistro is one of the only restaurants in Vancouver owned and operated by Indigenous people. Salmon n' Bannock offers a range of options, all providing the authentic taste of First Nations culinary traditions. Each dish is made with traditional ingredients to keep the culture alive and share it with everyone who walks through the bistro's doors.

10 Thomas Haas - French Pastries and Chocolates

Once you've filled your belly with some of the best cuisine in the world, it's time to try some delectable desserts. Thomas Haas has the best French pastries you can find in Vancouver, as well as delicious handmade chocolates. Call ahead and pick up some of its famous candy bars or relax on the patio and enjoy a hot chocolate. Even if you don't have a sweet tooth, Thomas Haas can still impress you with offerings like the double-baked almond croissant.

11 The Templeton - Classic Diner Experience

Do you long for the days of classic diners seen on TV and film? The diner experience has become a rare thing in the modern world, and there aren't many places you can swing by, enjoy some retro ambiance, and order a nice cherry pie. Vancouver, as usual, is the exception, though. The Templeton promises a complete classic diner experience and all the comfort foods you could crave, along with an all-day breakfast menu and vegetarian options.

12 The Acorn - Vegetarian and Vegan Dining

Anyone following a plant-based or vegan diet knows how hard it can be to find satisfying meal options when dining out. The Acorn is not only one of the cutest names in the food industry, but it's also the premier vegetarian and vegan establishment in Vancouver. Even if you're not on a strict diet, The Acorn has plenty of innovative dishes that will have you asking for seconds. Plus, it has a robust wine, beer, and spirit selection that makes it the perfect choice for brunch.

13 Richmond Night Market - International Food Market

Since 2000, the Richmond Night Market has grown into the largest Night Market in North America, attracting over 1 million visitors per year. Darryl Brooks /

Every year, the Richmond area of Vancouver comes alive with the Richmond Night Market. Promising an unforgettable fusion of flavors and goods, the Night Market is bursting with some of the best food vendors in Vancouver. With over 110 food booths and food trucks, you will find something to satisfy your cravings—whatever they are. All that occurs alongside parades, live music, and other eye-catching events.


14 les amis du FROMAGE - Cheese and Charcuterie

This family-owned and operated specialty store is truly one of a kind. A cheese and charcuterie store might not be your first thought of places to go when hungry, but it probably should be. With a diverse and carefully curated selection of local cheeses, les amis du FROMAGE has satisfied Vancouver for over 30 years. They also offer a range of imported cheeses and accompaniments and specialize in frozen meals and soups, so take some with you once you leave.

15 Fairmont Hotel Vancouver - Afternoon Tea

Maybe you're not the traveler who loves hunting down hidden spots or standing in line outside of food trucks, anticipating your future treats. If you, instead, prefer to take things easy and relax in luxurious accommodations, the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver is the choice for you. Enjoy a variety of teas and pastries, surrounded by elegant decor and sitting in maximum comfort.

16 Vij's Restaurant - Indian Cuisine

Vancouver's cuisine scene is full of celebrities and icons. One such star is Chef Vikram Vij, known for his culinary work, his time as an investor on Dragon's Den, and his line of prepackaged gourmet frozen curries. Chef Vij teamed up with chef Meeru Dhalwala to open Vij's, a fine-dining Indian restaurant using local ingredients to elevate Indian classics. When it first opened, stars like Harrison Ford flocked to the restaurant, but now you can make a reservation and enjoy its offerings, as well.

17 Twb - The Wine Bar - Wine Tastings

Sitting next to the cozy waters of False Creek, Twb is exactly what its name says: a wine bar. But don't let the simple name trick you; this restaurant is an elegant establishment that will impress even the most discerning of sommeliers. Enjoy an award-winning wine list, lovely al fresco seating, and great deals on both wine and beer. You can even order from the full menu of the sister restaurant, Provence Marinaside.

18 Beta5 Chocolates - Chocolate and Sweets

If a craving for handmade treats suddenly strikes you, Beta5 Chocolates should be your next destination. Indulge in handmade chocolates and sweets that utilize extremely innovative flavor pairings. Beta5 proves that baking is as much an art form as it is chemistry, combining the two fields to create award-winning chocolate creations that will appear in your dreams long after you leave Vancouver.

19 Blue Water Cafe - Seasonal Seafood

Sustainability is a major topic in the world today, especially when it comes to seafood. With the risk of overfishing weighing over restaurants, there is more and more pressure to find sustainable sources of fish and other ocean-dwellers. Blue Water Cafe is a restaurant that has focused on sustainability long before it was stylish to do so. When you enter the cafe, its gorgeous Japanese culinary aesthetic will quickly enchant you, as will its clean, pure flavors. Enjoy some unforgettable dishes like the seafood tower or the sablefish.

20 Dirty Apron Cooking School - Culinary Tours and Classes

The Dirty Apron Cooking School is for individuals who love every aspect of food, from the preparation to the actual eating. Explore Vancouver's diverse food culture yourself as professional chefs guide you through various hands-on cooking classes and culinary tours. The only thing that makes a delicious meal better is knowing that you made it yourself.


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