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Lose Some Sleep and Enjoy Nightlife in Austin

Austin is a great city with the perfect balance of work and play. There are plenty of daytime activities that you can do while exploring, such as visiting one of Austin's many museums to learn about the history or art scene in this bustling town. But what about when the sun goes down?

For anyone who is in Austin for whatever reason (which you don't need to visit), nights are the best time to enjoy everything that this city has to offer.  With an active nightlife and plenty of things to do, it’s hard not to stay up all night in this vibrant city. Here are some fun things to do when it gets dark in Austin!


01 Bars, bars, bars!

There are bars on just about every block in Austin, and they all have a different vibe to them. 6th Street is a strip that is chock full of bars. If you want to go somewhere to get a drink and listen to live music, there are many options for you.

02 Red, white, and pink at a wine bar

Austin has always had a great wine bar scene. However, in recent years with Austin becoming the new Silicon Valley, these higher-end trendy establishments have become more popular. The wine bars scene in Auston provides patrons with an enormous selection of foreign and domestic wines that fit every budget. Whether you are looking for a quiet date night with your significant other or just want to relax and enjoy good food and drink, wine bars in Austin are an excellent option.

03 Wet your whistle at a brewery

If you are into beer, there is no better place than Austin for your own brewery tour. Besides the many local breweries in Austin, such as Jester King, Black Star Co-op, and MoonDog, it is worth visiting other Austin breweries like Real Ale Brewing Company or Independence Brewing Company. If you're a fan of beer, the brewery tours are still a fantastic way to spend an afternoon. Plus, you can sample a variety of tasty beers on the tour—some exclusive to the brewery and, of course, others that are widely available at liquor stores.

04 Jam-out at live music venues

The goal for any live music venue in Austin is to become the next big thing. When it comes to gaining notoriety, SXSW is the biggest event of the year to do so. SXSW is a massive music festival that brings together musicians from all over the world. However, in Austin's nightlife scene, there are a plethora of live music options.

Some of the best places to see live music in Austin include Mohawk, Stubb's BBQ, The Parish in Austin, and The Spider House Cafe.

05 Dance the night away

If you are visiting Austin and want to dance the night away, don’t worry because there are plenty of different clubs where you can do just that. One of the most popular spots is Barbarella. Even more popular is Elysium. Aside from those two clubs, there are also places like Cielo Night Club, Empire Control Room, and St. Edwards University that host their own dance parties.

06 Late-night eateries

If you’re grabbing a bite of food or drink at the end of the night, you will find that there is quite a variety of great options. From the Asian-Texan fusion at Thai Fresh and down to delicious BBQ from Micklethwait, you won’t have trouble finding a place to eat during your night out in Austin.

Late-night amenities and recreation, too? You can’t go wrong with a trip to Austin, Texas. One of the best parts about visiting Austin, TX, is the countless things you can do no matter what time of day it is.

07 Take it easy in a speakeasy

Hiding in plain sight, speakeasies are popping up all over Austin. These local establishments have one thing in common: their hidden nature.  One location is a secret knock, while in another, you have to push a brick on the wall to access your clandestine bar. The best part is that even though you have to find them to enjoy a drink, these spots are walkable and close to downtown. So whether you want to have a quiet get-together or just enjoy a few cocktails with friends, speakeasies in Austin keep you on your toes.

08 Watch a movie at the drive-in

You can enjoy a drive-in movie in Austin as well! In modern times, many people have never been to a drive-in theater. This unique experience is not only nostalgic, but it is fun! The drive-in experience is pretty much the same as when your parents were in high school, but now there are a few improvements. The drive-in theaters are more like amusement parks, complete with a playground, food stands, and movie play areas.

09 Eat from a food truck

Austin is a great city for food truck fans, with more than 200 trucks serving up a variety of cuisines at local food truck parks and other venues. Food truck fans can find food trucks popping up at various locations. Austin even has 8 permanent food truck parks across the city. Visitors to Autin can order everything from Texas BBQ to sushi.

Here are the current food truck parks: Rainey Street Food Truck Lot, 5000 Burnet, The Picnic - Food Truck Park, Thicket Food Park, South Congress Food Truck Park, Mueller Trailer Eats, University Co-Op Food Court, and St. Elmo Public Market Food Trucks.

10 Scoot a boot at a honky-tonk

Boot scootin’ to old and new country music is a must-do at this world-famous Austin honky-tonk. Don’t know how to dance to country music? No problem! Take some country music dance lessons. Get ready to learn two-step, waltz, polka, west coast swing, and more! You'll meet new people from all over Austin's music community who are looking for country music dance partners. Maybe you have always wanted to try riding a mechanical bull.


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