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Ideal Vermont Road Trip Destinations

Vermont's official nickname is the Green Mountain State, and with good reason. The region is soaked in brilliant natural colors, covered bridges, rustic scenes, and, of course, green mountains. Vermont also offers a wide variety of activities for any time of year. Whether you're a budget traveler, a family, or a couple planning a romantic road trip, Vermont features some of the most beautiful and breathtaking scenery.

The unforgettable places you could explore in this small state might surprise you. After you see these destinations, you'll understand why the Green Mountain State is a favorite.


01 Shelburne Farms

Here you’ll get to experience lush green fields and forests surrounding the farms. It's a perfect family afternoon featuring a "Sun to Cheese Farm Tour," which allows you to meet the cows and learn how cheese is made. There are so many fun activities, from taking strolls along the rustic trails to snacking from the farm carts. Nothing matches the fresh air, the learning experiences, and the friendly reception.


02 Woodstock Farmer’s Market

Brimming with old-fashioned stores and an outstanding array of fruits and vegetables, Woodstock Farmers’ Market has become a must-visit spot. Every item sold is locally sourced and superbly fresh. They also have some of the most delicious made-to-order sandwiches you'll find on your road trip.


03 Bennington County’s covered bridges

covered bridge in Bennington county vermont

No U.S. state has as many covered bridges as Vermont. The more than one hundred covered bridges in Vermont — the most in any state — is one of the main reasons that road trips to the quaint state are on the rise every year.

Bennington County is decked out with other must-see attractions, too, including the gravesite of New England’s darling poet Robert Frost, the Bennington Museum, and the Bennington Monument. All offer some of the most beautiful, rustic scenery across the country. North of the Bennington Monument is a route with some of the oldest covered bridges in the state, including the 1852 West Arlington Bridge.


04 Exploring Stowe and the Smugglers Notch

Smugglers Notch in Stowe, Vermont

Stowe is definitely among the stops to consider. The best part of the trip is driving through Smugglers Notch. If you're traveling during the fall, experience the stunning changing of the leaves and winding, narrow roads, then return to the Notch for a while.

Want to quench your thirst for nature and enjoy the sights? Bring your hiking gear and hit the Smoky Mountains. You'll love the breathtaking views and fresh air.


05 The Scenic Route 100 Byway

Vermont's Route 100 takes you through most of the state, but with so much gorgeous scenery and things to do, the trip will seem a little too short. Be sure to plan for a few more hours than the 216-mile ride requires so you have time for all the stop-and-see attractions along the way.

Chief among these is the Moss Glen Falls, whose beauty and tranquil environment will have you itching to snap pictures and explore. Weston’s Vermont Country Store, famed for its catalog of old-school products and local fashion, also requires some browsing time. While your cell phone service may temporarily fail, the views and experiences on Vermont’s Route 100 will be worth it.


06 Shelburne Museum

Labeled one of America’s most eccentric museums, Shelburne Museum is a popular tourist destination. It features at least 140,000 works of art displayed across 38 exhibition buildings. With a diverse collection that includes textiles, decorative arts, paintings, folk art, and furniture, the Shelburne offers an unanticipated mix of awe and fancy. The museum is in the scenic Lake Champlain Valley, and you can't miss it: the bold red walls of the hut-like structure will immediately catch your attention.


07 Burlington

Visitors to Burlington tell tales of wickedly delicious ice cream. If you're an ice cream lover, you'll need to have a taste for yourself. Located on the shores of Lake Champlain, the town also offers countless water activities for those hot days when a frosty cone just doesn't cut it. To top it all off, Burlington also plays host to one of the largest year-round farmers’ markets in the Green Mountain State.


08 Champlain Islands

If you're fond of the outdoors, Champlain Islands should be at the top of your destination list. The islands, which form an archipelago at least 30 miles long, are accessible by boat and ferry across Lake Champlain.

The Islands offer their guests some of the most spectacular experiences in Vermont. You can cycle the Line Trails during the summer and try ice-fishing during the winter. It is a truly thrilling year-round destination.


09 Lake Champlain

Nobody complains about a good day at the lake! A favored destination of tourists and locals alike, Lake Champlain — bordered by New York, Vermont, and Quebec — is one of the largest freshwater natural lakes in the U.S. It's not only a popular destination for its beautiful scenery but also for hiking, boat tours, camping, and weddings.


10 Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park

Situated next to the well-known Burlington Waterfront, ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center allows all its visitors passage to a fantastic world. Stocked with the Action Lab, FrogWorld, and the Land of Opportunity, the aquarium is a fantastic experience for kids and adults alike. While younger ones explore age-appropriate displays, teens and adults can enjoy learning about the unique ecology, culture, and history of the Champlain Lake Basin.


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