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When it comes to creation and cultivation, Fresno is one of the freshest places in California. The soil is rich enough to grow all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables, making it the perfect home for a few of the most luscious wineries the state has to offer. By late February and early March, wafts of apple, plum, and apricot blossoms are just a few of the delicious fragrances that make up The Blossom Trail. Whether you're biking or driving, it's an unmistakable treat that attracts people from all over. There are plenty of ways to party for those who want to do something more lively. From live performances to sports, you can do almost anything. Fresno's eclectic vibe has something for your tastes and preferences. The only thing you need to be prepared for is booking another trip because you didn't get to see it all the first time.


01 Roeding Park

Big crocodile resting on the ground. snchzgloria / Getty Images

Just east of Highway 99, you'll find Roeding Park. The city park was designated a historic place in July 2009 and is the 90-acre home to groves of deciduous and coniferous trees, such as redwood, maple, and ash. There are picnic areas and tennis courts for those who fancy a friendly match, but one of the main attractions is the Chaffee Zoo; it's almost 40 acres and is home to nearly 200 animal species.


02 LoMac Winery

For well over a century, the Engleman family has produced Pinot Noirs, Merlots, and Moscatos from grapes grown in the rich soils of Fresno County. The LoMac Winery is a boutique winery that offers visitors a peek into the history of their award-winning wines. You'll get to taste and fall in love with the different flavors and textures that you'll want to take home, and if you're lucky, you may even get some chocolates to go with them.


03 Shinzen Friendship Garden

Opened in 1981, this 5-acre Japanese Garden was a way for the city of Kochi to connect with its sister city, Fresno, after World War II. Funded through the help of the community and the city, the garden's design and development are geared towards providing cultural understanding. This includes special events, such as the Toro Nagashi Lantern Event, and educational workshops, which offer opportunities for visitors to learn more about what these traditions mean to Japanese culture.


04 Tioga-Sequoia Brewery

There are beer lovers, and then there are craft beer connoisseurs who love to check into the Tioga-Sequoia Brewing Company to see just what the brewmaster has concocted. In downtown Fresno, in the heart of San Joaquin Valley, the Tioga-Sequoia Brewery are expert at creating handcrafted beers that titillate the taste buds and challenge the senses. They host several events a month in their Beer Garden to show off their creations against the backdrop of the Southern Sierra Nevada Mountains.


05 Chukchansi Park

Whether you're into baseball or not, you can't deny that there's something about a live game that sucks you in. Affiliated with the tribe of the same name, Chukchansi Park is the home of the Fresno Grizzlies, a Triple-A minor league baseball team strongly supported by local fans. In addition to that, the park is a venue for other local, national, and international sporting events and music concerts.


06 Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park Csondy / Getty Images

Best known for its countless waterfalls, Yosemite National Park is 1,200 square miles of deep valleys, lush wilderness, and immense wonder, especially during sunrises and sunsets. If you love camping, Yosemite provides ample grounds, provided you reserve your spot. While you can hike year-round, the best times to experience the park's full magnificence are between June and October.


07 Woodward Regional Park

active senior couple outdoors hiking in forest. fstop123 / Getty Images

Woodward is an expansive regional park that provides plenty of fun for individuals and families. Not only do they have picnic areas, children's play areas, and dog parks, you can walk or cycle into the Central Valley. Bikers taking a leisurely ride can enjoy the scenic views of the snow-covered mountains in the distance. For those who enjoy bird-watching, the park's ponds and lakes are great places to spy a few hundred geese, coots, and cormorants.


08 Tower Theatre

Off Freeway 99 at the Olive Avenue exit is the historic Tower Theatre. Built in the late 30s as a 20th Century Fox Movie House, the Tower Theatre is a masterpiece of art deco style with sculptured fittings and its distinctive 80-foot fluted tower. These days, you can book seats for live music and comedy shows, catch special events and parties, and watch a few movies, just like old times.


09 Save Mart Center

Located in California State University Fresno, the Save Mart Center is where students, alumni, and faculty come to enjoy the school's basketball, wrestling, and volleyball team home matches. Back in 2003, opera tenor Andrea Bocelli was the center's inaugural performance. The Save Mart Arena also hosts multiple international entertainment events, such as WWE Live and concerts from popular recording artists.


10 China Peak Mountain Resort

skiing ZargonDesign / Getty Images

When the California air is cool and crisp, there is only one place to go to enjoy the feel of the sun on your skin and the smooth crunch of packed powder. The China Peak Mountain Resort is a great way to spend an active weekend skiing or snowboarding, even if you are a newbie. During the summer months, China Peak offers beautiful lakes where you can take a boat or find a nice spot for camping.


11 Fresno Art Museum

Immerse yourself in an expansive collection featuring over 3,600 of the world's best modern and contemporary art pieces. This is the place to get your aesthetic fix from sculpture to painting and photography. Inside, you'll find incredible works from renowned names as diverse as Rolland Pickford, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, and Andy Warhol, all under one roof. Folk art from the region's indigenous peoples also takes center stage, and engaging exhibitions highlighting relevant social and cultural issues routinely rotate throughout the year to satisfy a wide range of artistic interests.


12 Forestiere Underground Gardens

Marvel at the unconventional beauty of the Forestiere Underground Garden with a guided hour-long walking tour. Created and built by Sicilian artist Baldassare Forestiere, this one-of-a-kind masterpiece took over 40 years to come to fruition. Dress accordingly because you'll be guided through thrilling passageways, grottos, rooms, and courtyards — all hand-built using picks and shovels! Temperatures shift 10 to 20 degrees as you move through shrubs, vines, and fruit-producing trees underground, and Ancient Roman architectural features such as arches and vaults encourage exploration.


13 Meux Home Museum

Travel back to Victorian times at the 16-room Meux Home Museum, one of the oldest homes in Fresno. Built in 1888, it has remained relatively unchanged since construction, and today, you're welcome to stop by for a personal tour of its 19th-century splendor. Learn about owner Dr. Thomas Richard Meux while viewing the best architecture, artwork, and design along the route. Constructed before electricity and filled with authentic furnishings, stained glass windows, and a gorgeous garden, this elegant home will transport you to a different era.


14 Fresno County Fruit Trail

Go at your own pace with this self-guided tour through California's heartland. Celebrating the region's mouth-watering flavors, the Fresno County Fruit Trail is a great way to get a taste of the good life. Along the way, you'll sample dozens of fresh fruits and local produce bursting with color and flavor. Simonian Farms, for instance, is a stop stocking over 100 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Curb your cravings while exploring its Western-themed town complete with a tasting saloon and general store.


15 Kearney Mansion Museum

Situated within the 225-acre Kearney Park, the Kearney Mansion was begun in 1892. Its builder, Martin Theodore Kearney, played a prominent role in California's 19th-century agricultural development, and today, his home is open to all as a museum. It consists of two French Renaissance-style buildings with distinct features such as ornate pinnacles and lofty chimneys. Admire Victorian-era interiors complete with elaborate crown molding, wall finishings, and stair railings that provide a glimpse into a glamorous past.


16 Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra

Catch the live performance of a lifetime from the Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra, which performs both classical and contemporary works from leading composers. The Fresno Pops series, for instance, is a lively combination of diverse genres ranging from jazz to Broadway and features some of today's top headliners. At Meet the Artist luncheons, you can converse with guest artists, musicians, and fellow music lovers while enjoying a mouth-watering meal.


17 Blackbeard's Family Entertainment Center

Mini Golf madisonwi / Getty Images

If you're bringing the family along for the ride, don't forget a trip to this pirate-themed entertainment center. Play the day away in the arcade, where you'll find pinball and prizes. Three distinct mini golf courses guide you through a fantastical adventure themed after pirates, storybooks, and the Old West. Experience the thrill of a 1,400-square-foot laser tag area complete with blacklights, smoke, walls, windows, and dead-ends, or strap into a full-body harness and soar through the air in a riveting rope course adventure. Bumper boats, batting cages, Go-Karts, numerous waterslides, and a rollercoaster provide all-day excitement.


18 Fresno County Blossom Trail Bike Ride

Celebrate the season along this scenic self-guided bike tour, which transports you through panoramic orchards brimming with fragrant fruit trees. Each orchard is privately owned and has its own rules, but you'll find favorites in full bloom from April through November. Discover the natural beauty of over 200 varieties of plum blossoms, over 100 types of peach and nectarine blossoms, and dozens of gorgeous almond, apricot, apple, and citrus blooms in a rainbow of vibrant colors. It's a fun and affordable way to connect with nature.


19 Island Waterpark

Man going down water slide Creatas Images / Getty Images

Ride the waves at Island Waterpark — the go-to destination for aquatic adventures. Enjoy a laid-back ride down the Waimea River or get your adrenaline pumping on Nature's Furies, the Thrills of Fiji, or the jaw-dropping Tsunami waterslide. Elevate your experience and swim the day away with cabana rentals, which are spacious and relaxing oases that can seat up to 12 people. Festival favorites such as funnel cake, burgers, hot dogs, and ice cream curb cravings in between all the excitement.


20 Ram Tap Horse Park

Young woman on horse crossing obstacle on course Westend61 / Getty Images

Whether you're a rider or spectator, Ram Tap Horse Park delivers with thrilling classes and 3-day events. Serving equestrians since the 1950s, it's the place to see and be seen for the sophisticated set. Experience the awe of cross-country, dressage, and show jumping over three action-packed days, or master your own skills by enrolling in Cross Country Schooling.


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