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Great Kosher Restaurants in America's 20 Largest Cities

The New York-style Jewish deli offers a very particular gastronomic experience. Enter one, and you'll be confronted with sandwiches so big they don't fit in mouths and unfancy tables dotted with homemade pickles. But there's more to the Jewish dining scene. Come along as we traverse America's largest cities to uncover the best kosher restaurants, from traditional, casual, family-friendly spots to eateries led by gourmands and professional chefs. This guide spotlights the vibrant, diverse world of kosher food and includes delis that are culturally Jewish but not strictly kosher and establishments that have kashrut certification. Bring on the nosh!


01 New York, NY - Katz's Delicatessen

This legendary no-frills deli in Manhattan's Lower East Side is the oldest in the Empire City and started welcoming diners in 1888. Katz's is well-known for its cranky-for-fun service and "mile-high" sandwiches, with the pastrami on rye being the most famous, but it also serves items like blintzes. The sandwiches are very filling, expensive, and could be split between two people. They're packed with meat and worth the hype. Fun fact: Katz's appeared in the most iconic scene from the 1989 romcom, "When Harry Met Sally" and it's possible to run into a celeb here if you're keen on your own meet-cute.

New York streets with famous Katz's Delicatessen Alexander Reitter /

02 Los Angeles, CA - Langer's Deli

If you're on the opposite end of the country and feeling for epic pastrami, the food at the charmingly old-fashioned Langer's Deli in LA will hit the spot. Open since 1947, it's another landmark diner with a lot of history under its belt, and like Katz's is a Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand honoree. The #19 pastrami sandwich, AKA Food and Wine magazine's best sandwich in the Sunshine State, is a must-try, as are the matzo ball soup and potato latkes with jam. Indulge in a slice of whipped cream cake at one of the must-visit "Kosher" restaurants in America.

03 Chicago, IL - Manny's Deli

Midwest folks won't get left out with Manny's in this nook of the country. Think corned beef sandwiches (the Reuben is one of the most-ordered menu items), potato pancakes, satisfying knishes and kishke, and no-frills All-American decor. Again, servings are huge and pricey, so you could split a sandwich if you like. Manny's has been open since 1942, and presidents have popped by over the years, among other notable people. It frequently appears on "Best Kosher Restaurants USA" lists.

04 Houston, TX - Katz's Deli

Like Katz's in New York City, the Katz's in Houston "never kloses" so you can get your fix of Jewish dishes like lox bagels and stuffed cabbage 24 hours a day. Branches like the one near Briargrove have a nostalgic feel with black and white tiles and similarly monotone photos of Manhattan. Service is friendly and efficient.

05 Phoenix, AZ - LaBella Pizzeria

Head to LaBella Pizzeria for the best kosher slice of pie in the valley, complete with a perfect crust and plentiful, tasty plant-based toppings. The Grandma pizza comes highly recommended, but there are delicious pastas, Mexican staples like chimichangas, burritos and enchiladas on certain days of the week, and sushi made in-house, so you've got multiple cuisines to choose from. Large portions, quick service, a clean environment, and affordable, family-friendly fare make this spot stand out. The interiors are nothing to write home about, but who cares when the food meets dietary restrictions (it's a thumbs up from the Greater Phoenix Vaad Hakashruth ) and is so dang good?

06 Philadelphia, PA - Famous Fourth Street Deli

How about brunch at a Philly institution that has been trading since 1923? You can order a classic pastrami sandwich, pea soup that tastes like Nana's, or challah French toast, and as a sweet treat, you can end your meal with nutty chocolate chip cookies. This spot's another fav with politicians and serves oversized portions (you should be sensing a pattern by now). Family photos pack the walls, and Art Deco lights hang from the ceiling. Around 65% of orders are for takeout.

07 San Antonio, TX - Yummy 770

Yummy 770 is located at the Israeli Chabad Center, so if you're after meat and parve food supervised by the Vaad Hakashrus of San Antonio, you won't go wrong here. You can expect popular Israeli and Mediterranean options like shwarmas, falafels, chicken schnitzel, pitas, and hummus, as well as vegan-friendly options. Say hi to Rabbi Tal and enjoy the lovely patio while the kids play in a dedicated area.

08 San Diego, CA - D.Z. Akin's

Back on the west coast, D Z Akin's is an always-bustling delicatessen. Pop in for the usual suspects and so much more. Pickled herring, chopped liver, brisket, and ginormous salads are just some of the items on offer. Try the kreplach soup's dumplingy goodness and take some rugelach cookies to go. D Z Akin's is not kosher and prices are on par with similar New York-style delis.

09 Dallas, TX - Aderet

Aderet is a relatively new strip mall restaurant that serves excellent strictly kosher food, from kabobs, babaganoush, and couscous to pareve desserts. Try the pargiot plate, and look out for pad Thai and Moroccn tajine if you're keen on exotic flavors. Service is inconsistent here, but the generally tasty food isn't overpriced and checks the boxes for observant Jews.

10 San Jose, CA - Holyland Restaurant & Catering

Holyland Restaurant and Catering leans more halal than kosher, but if you're interested in flavorsome food from the Levant, you may want to try this simple cafe in Santa Clara. Palestinian and Jordanian specialties rub shoulders with Greek moussaka, dolmas, lamb mandi, and mezze platters. Sample the buffet, or savor kunafa with complimentary tea.

11 Austin, TX - H-E-B Kosher Store

For quick, affordable counter grub, The Kosher Store at the HEB supermarket sells a curated food selection with the Vaad Hakashrus of Austin seal of approval. Stock up on rotisserie chicken, Rachel sandwiches, deli meats, kosher wine, sushi, and baked goods. You'll need to check labels as some dairy items are not Cholov Yisroel.

12 Washington, D.C. - Call Your Mother

Before the award-winning Call Your Mother came to town in 2018, DC was known as something of a bagel desert. Thankfully, that's no longer the case, so if you're in the mood for wood-fired bagels and comfort food, this is your go-to budget-friendly place in the capital. Helmed by Argentinian chef Daniela Moreira, whose impressive resume includes a scholarship to the Culinary Institute of America and a stint at the renowned Eleven Madison Park in NYC, Call Your Mother's popularity led to the opening of nine more funky, colorful locations, including branches in Denver, Maryland, and Virginia. Try the Thunderbird breakfast bagel with its hint of sweetness.

13 Fort Worth, TX - Carshon's Delicatessen

This heritage restaurant in Fort Worth has been in operation for close to a century. It's a cash-only establishment where aficionados know the difference between Rachels, Rebeccas, and Reubens and their various ingredients, including cream cheese, egg bread, turkey, melted Swiss, coleslaw, and Russian dressing. Come for the savory deli sandwiches, and stay for the pastries and pies. The chocolate meringue pie makes for a magnificent conclusion to the meal, and you may want to procure some lemon bars before you head out.

14 Columbus, OH - Saba Middle Eastern Grill

Saba Middle Eastern Grill in the East Market is an essential kosher destination if you're in Columbus, OH. You'll find an assortment of kosher fleishig food and passionate, friendly foodies in charge. The hot chicken poppers are the chef's kiss. You'll also find chewy laffa, cheesy bourekas, shakshouka, and other fresh, impressive dishes that transport diners to the East Mediterranean.

15 Charlotte, NC - Kosher Charlotte

Kosher's in the name, which is particularly helpful for practicing Jews Googling places to eat. Reasonably priced Kosher Charlotte can be found at the Chabad Center for Jewish Life. High-quality food is presented with finesse, but it's best to order in advance from this meal delivery service.

16 Indianapolis, IN - Shapiro's Delicatessen

This must-try cafeteria-style deli in Indy has been feeding people for over 100 years. Shapiro's takes pride in sourcing high-quality ingredients, so the food is always on point, but service varies. Stop here for deviled eggs, cozy mac and cheese, and green beans and asparagus, which are a lot yummier than they sound. The desserts here are delectable, too, and include carrot cake, cheesecakes, and German chocolate cake. There are two branches: one downtown and one at the Indianapolis Airport. Prices run lower than comparative offerings in bigger cities.

17 Seattle, WA - Dingfelder's Delicatessen

Dingfielder's Delicatessen on Capitol Hill offers counter service and the authentic Jewish deli food you know and love, including pickled green tomatoes, tongue, kosher salami, gribenes, vegan soups, and various schmears to suit your tastebuds. It wouldn't be a traditional New York-style establishment without sandwiches stacked with thin, impressive slices of meat. Linzar tarts and babka sweeten the deal.

18 Denver, CO - East Side Kosher Deli

Denver's Eastside Kosher Deli is a mandatory stop on a kosher culinary tour of the U.S. It recently underwent a revamp, so you can look forward to a spacious, modern venue. In addition to delivering craving-worthy smoked meats, it sells 100% kosher sushi, sizzling fajitas, and copious sufganiyot. The counter's contents are colorful and inviting, but beyond the gorgeous food, you can purchase your specialist and imported grocery goods here and items like kiddush cups for Sabbath. Orthodox patrons are as welcome as non-kosher customers.

19 Jacksonville, FL - Gili's Kitchen

Gili's Kitchen's two locations downtown and in Ormond Beach are certified kosher. They provide a feast for cosmopolitan palates, all under the watchful eye of Tadmor-trained Chef Gili himself. Sample the fantastic burgers, salmon barbecue, and sweet potato fries that are a cut above the rest. Locally sourced ingredients, reasonable prices, and a culinary pedigree ensure you'll have one of the top kosher dining experiences in America.

20 San Francisco, CA - Wise Sons

Founded in the Mission District, Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen is renowned for blending traditional Jewish recipes with the finest Californian ingredients. Their house-made pastrami and corned beef are brined in a proprietary spice blend and smoked over hickory highlight, as are their double-baked rye bread and chocolate-filled babka. Enjoy their lusciously fatty smoked salmon, which pairs perfectly with the double whipped cream cheese on freshly boiled and baked bagels.


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