Exciting Things to See and Do in Singapore
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Exciting Things to See and Do in Singapore

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Singapore is a city-state located on an island off the coast of Malaysia. The country is a melting pot for Asia's many ethnicities, religions, and cultures. This appreciation of different cultures is evident in Singapore's world-famous cuisine. The country is a paradise for foodies, and people come from all over to indulge in traditional dishes served up in the infamous hawker centers.

Despite its small size, Singapore is a world player when it comes to its excellent economy and tourist attractions. From its vibrant city center to its breathtaking beaches and parks, this destination island has something for everyone.


01 Explore the Singapore Botanic Gardens

The Singapore Botanic Gardens are a must-see. With an impressive variety of both common and rare plants, this UNESCO World Heritage Site has definitely earned its title. The Gardens cover 60 acres and will easily take an entire day to explore. Choose one of the many walking trails and meander through the heritage trees and niche gardens. There are also many sculptures displayed throughout the gardens, adding even more cultural importance to this attraction.


02 Celebrate Singapore's diverse festivals

Singapore is a country where people of different cultures and religious beliefs live together in harmony. This melting pot of traditions is most evident in the vast array of festivals that Singaporeans celebrate every year.

Chinese New Year is one of the biggest celebrations in Singapore. During this holiday, the streets are lined with ornate lanterns, and there are parades, dances, and an abundance of delicious food. Another famous festival is Vesak Day, a Buddhist celebration of peace held every May. If you're visiting Singapore in October or November, you might be there for the Hindu festival of Deepavali. Head to Singapore's Little India and take part in the vibrant Festival of Lights.


03 Visit Thian Hock Keng Temple

Thian Hock Keng Temple is the oldest Chinese temple in the country. The temple was built in 1839 and honors the Sea Goddess Mazu. Chinese immigrants who survived their journey across the South China Sea would visit the temple and give thanks to Mazu.

Visitors can enjoy the temple's beautiful southern Chinese style and designs, including the porcelain detailing and the ornately carved dragons and deities.


04 Walk the trails at the Southern Ridges

The eight walking trails that make up the Southern Ridges join together the beautiful Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, and Kent Ridge Park. These connecting paths cover 10 kilometers, ranging from flat trails to beautifully constructed bridges. Choose a trail and spend the day exploring Singapore's natural flora and wildlife. Apart from enjoying the surrounding nature, you'll also get one of the best views of the city and the surrounding islands.


05 Eat at the hawker centers

Hawker centers, also known as food courts, are an essential part of Singapore's gastronomic heritage. Head to one of the food courts to enjoy traditional dishes from all over Asia, including chicken rice, satay, yong tau fu, and soya bean curd. The food you'll find in these centers ranges in price from as little as $2.50 to $5.00. Don't let the cheap prices fool you, though; this is some of the best food you'll ever have. Even Singapore's most recognized food connoisseurs are regular customers at these hawker centers.


06 Soak up the sun on the beaches

Singapore has a serene coastline and is home to some incredibly beautiful beaches. For a family-friendly atmosphere, Siloso Beach on Sentosa can't be beaten. Tanjong Beach is also on Sentosa, but it has a quieter and more laid-back atmosphere. Tanjong is perfect for relaxing alone or for enjoying a romantic weekend. East Coast Park and Changi Beach are both popular with the locals because they're easily accessible from the mainland and are ideal locations for family picnics.


07 Visit the museums and galleries

Singapore shows off its rich history and diverse cultural identity in its many museums and galleries. The National Gallery Singapore and the Asian Civilizations Museum are both worth a visit for their amazing permanent collection and rotating exhibitions. The National Museum of Singapore is another must-see for every visitor. The museum is made up of the Singapore Living Galleries and the History Galleries.


08 Take a trip to Sentosa Island

Sentosa Island is one of the bigger islands off the southern coast of Singapore. The island is home to beautiful beaches, including Siloso Beach. Enjoy kayaking, playing beach volleyball, or just lounging in the sun. For more of an adventure, head over to Underwater World Aquarium, where you can swim with dolphins.

Other must-see features of Sentosa Island include the Merlion Statue and Fort Siloso. There's also a Maritime Museum and a vibrant contemporary Art Center for visitors to explore.


09 Explore Jurong Bird Park

Jurong Bird Park is a wildlife sanctuary that's home to over 400 species of birds. Almost 3,500 birds call the park home, and 20% of those birds are considered threatened species. Jurong Bird Park is an exciting and immersive park where you can spend time with the birds while learning about the different species and the park's conservation efforts.


10 1A spending spree on Orchard Road

Orchard Road is one of the best streets for shopping in all of Asia. One trip down the bustling road will show you that it lives up to its reputation. Orchard Road features hundreds of luxury shops and trendsetting brands. There are also many top-rated bars and restaurants, so you can take a much-needed rest.


11 The G-Max

Begin your Singapore adventure with a heart-pounding experience at the G-Max. For thrill-seekers, this attraction guarantees an unforgettable journey, giving you a unique view of the city if you dare to keep your eyes open. The G-Max is perfect for everyone looking for a taste of Singapore's exciting side. This experience is definitely not for the faint-hearted, but it's a great way to kick off your adventure. You can take a ride on G-Max at Resorts World Sentosa.


12 Singapore Expo

Discover Singapore's innovative business flair at the Singapore Expo, the city-state's largest venue dedicated to meetings, incentives, conferencing, and exhibitions (MICE). Hosting a wide range of exhibitions, seminars, and events throughout the year, this premier location is a bustling hub for business transactions and knowledge exchange. Experience the cutting-edge facilities and learn more about the vibrant business ecosystem of Singapore.


13 Colonial retreat in the city

Sergio Capuzzimati / Getty Images

For a tranquil getaway, explore the beautiful courtyards and elegant suites that mirror Singapore's colonial past. This peaceful haven transports you back in time as you enjoy the serene ambiance sequestered in the heart of the busy metropolis. It is a unique opportunity to experience a significant part of Singapore's history while relaxing in total comfort.


14 Singapore Flyer

Singapore's famous view of marina bay is a popular tourist attraction in the Marina District of Singapore. primeimages / Getty Images

Elevate your sightseeing experience on one of the world's largest observation wheels: the Singapore Flyer. As you smoothly ascend to the top, admire the breathtaking panoramic views of the city and beyond. The Flyer offers a serene and unique perspective of Singapore. The spacious, air-conditioned capsules ensure you can comfortably take in the mesmerizing views during your ride.


15 Marina Bay Sands Casino

Marina bay sands in Singapore countdown 2012 fiftymm99 / Getty Images

Enter a world of lavish extravagance and excitement at the Marina Bay Sands Casino. Boasting over 700 gaming tables and over 2,500 gaming machines, seasoned gamblers, and first-timers will feel the pulse of the vibrant casino culture of Singapore within this luxurious space. Step into a world where chance reigns supreme and see if fortune smiles upon you.


16 Marina Bay

Aerial View Singapore, Marina Bay at Dusk Nikada / Getty Images

Wander through the futuristic cityscape of Marina Bay, an area that captures the essence of modern Singapore. Renowned for its iconic Marina Bay Sands complex -- the perfect spot for indulging your inner shopaholic and foodie, you'll find an assortment of retail, dining, and nightlife opportunities. Shop until you drop and sample the complex's gastronomical delights, then settle in for the evening and marvel at the spectacular light show gracing the bay's waters and surrounding landmarks. With various events and festivals dotting its calendar, Marina Bay offers a lively atmosphere filled with culture and merriment.


17 Universal Studios Singapore

Daily Life In Singapore Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic Suhaimi Abdullah / Getty Images

Synonymous with entertainment and excitement, Universal Studios Singapore invites visitors to experience a world of wonder and amusement. Spread across numerous themed zones and boasting over 20 attractions, everyone will find an experience suited to their tastes. The whole gang will appreciate an array of adrenaline-pumping roller coasters and other fun and exciting rides that engage the entire family while keeping the screams coming. Embark on an unforgettable adventure in this ultimate fun zone. Kids especially love the themed Dreamworks Trolls experience and the Transformers Ultimate 3D Battle ride. Coaster aficionados can't leave the park without trying out the Battlestar Galactica: Human vs. Cylon coaster. Be sure to stop by the park's Cairo Market to sample delectable coconuts and other snacks, or take in a meal at the Discovery Food Court, where a bevy of local dishes can be found under one roof.


18 Raffles Hotel

Singapore Raffles historic colonial landmark fotoVoyager / Getty Images

Raffles Hotel is a hallmark of luxury and colonial elegance in Singapore. Visitors can step back in time as they walk through the halls of this historic hotel. A visit to Raffles would be incomplete without sipping on a Singapore Sling, the iconic pink cocktail that was concocted here over a century ago. The hotel offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city, providing a blend of historical charm and modern luxury. Enjoy a sumptuous meal at this award-winning eatery and savor some of Singapore's finest cuisine. The beautiful courtyards and the elegant suites are a testament to the hotel's colonial past, offering a serene retreat amidst the urban landscape.


19 Singapore Expo Center

Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre FiledIMAGE / Getty Images

Gain deeper insight into Singapore's thriving business environment at the Singapore Expo Center. With a multitude of exhibitions, seminars, and events throughout the year, this expo center offers state-of-the-art facilities catering to local and international business exchanges. Become part of a growing global community, actively engaged in fostering innovation and collaboration.


20 Lau Pa Sat

Central Business District in Singapore Gonzalo Azumendi / Getty Images

Singapore is a melting pot of cultures and culinary experiences, and Lau Pa Sat offers a prime opportunity to sample various local dishes at the historic Telok Ayer Market. At this atmospheric hawker center, indulge your taste buds with a diverse range of flavors, showcasing the different cultures that make up Singapore's rich heritage. The stunning octagonal building with its unique clock tower marks a must-visit cultural landmark, offering a feast for both the senses and the soul.


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