Exciting Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas
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Exciting Things to Do in Cabo San Lucas

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The resort city of Cabo San Lucas, or Cabo as it is more commonly known, is on the southernmost tip of the Baja California Peninsula. With picturesque coastlines, the city is famous for its beach living, water-based activities, and nightlife.

Between the desert and the ocean, Cabo San Lucas offers a wealth of romantic activities. Spend time with the resident whales who come to bear their calves in the warm waters, enjoy a couples spa day, or spend some time on a zip line. Whatever your idea of romance is, Cabo has something for you.


01 Take a Whale Watching Cruise

whale watching cabo san lucas niknikon / Getty Images

If whale watching is your idea of a good time, then the waters of Cabo are perfect for catching a glimpse of these gentle giants. Not only is the area famous for the pods of whales who regularly visit, but it is one of the migratory stops for humpback whales. You can typically find a variety of whale watching cruises ready to take you out to see these majestic creatures.

Whale watching season typically runs the winter months, from December to April, when pods come to bear their calves in the Sea of Cortez.


02 Swim With the Dolphins

Dolphin showing of its moves in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

If whale watching has whet your appetite, the natural next step has to be swimming with dolphins! Among one of the most popular tourist to-dos, there are several ways you can choose to interact with the dolphins of Cabo. You can choose from trainer-for-a-day programs to less intensive encounters and swims.

The swims are perhaps the most magical experience for a romantic trip, as you can take hold of a pectoral or dorsal fin as the dolphin zips around the large pool. Definitely an unforgettable experience.


03 Todos Santos

Hacienda at Cerritos Beach, Baja, Mexico

An hour outside of Cabo is the pueblo mágico of Todos Santos. One of three pueblos mágicos on the Baja peninsula, this community has been designated as a town of major cultural and historical significance.

Todos Santos was once a sugar capital of California, and still has many of the brick buildings which were constructed in its heydey. However, since the 1980s, the city is renowned for its art scene. For music fans, it is also home to the legendary Hotel California.


04 Cabo Adventures Canopy Tour

sierra de la laguna baja california sur mexico

If you prefer your vacations with a little more adrenalin, then pick an excursion from Cabo Adventures. Making the most of the unspoiled natural beauty around Cabo, Cabo Adventures has a huge list of outdoor activities that you can take part in.

For a daringly romantic experience, you could take a zip-line through the UNESCO protected biosphere of the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range. The zip-lines cross over the Boca de Sierra, and the longest line stretches for nearly a mile and gives some of the most incredible aerial views you'll see.


05 Medano Beach

kayaking in cabo Ed-Ni-Photo / Getty Images

You can't come to Cabo and miss out on Medano Beach - not least because it's the main beach in Cabo San Lucas. In fact, anywhere in the city is less than a mile away from this stunning shoreline.

While the beach is home to many bars and restaurants, you can also partake in any number of water sport activities. Take a kayak out to the archway, or enjoy a spot of parasailing in the warm ocean.

One thing to bear in mind is that prices for these excursions do vary as you go along the beach, and it's always a good idea to see if you can haggle the price down a little.


06 José Del Cabo Art Walk

jose del cabo art tour Aaron Hawkins / Getty Images

On Thursdays in the city of José Del Cabo's historic Distrito del Arte, you can enjoy the evening Art Walks. From November through to June, you can walk between participating galleries and enjoy wine and cheese, while savoring the incredible array of art. It's a chance for you to speak with both artists and gallery owners alike, and then explore the Art District's incredible bars and restaurants.


07 Spa Day at Esperanza

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

If you're traveling to Cabo to relax and savor your time away, then no trip could be complete without a trip to The Spa at Esperanza. Renowned for its couples treatments, The Spa also provides several signature therapies. This includes the Pasaja de Agua, which combines a soaking pool, steam caves, and a waterfall rinse.


08 Take an evening cruise

Beautiful Dramatic Seascape view of the ocean with colorful sunset and sailboats - Cabo san Lucas, Mexico

You're going to want to make the most of the picturesque shoreline when you're in Cabo, and there's no better way to do it than to take one of the luxury 50-foot sailboat cruises out of the marina. Enjoy wine, cocktails, beer, and canapés while you watch the sunset across the ocean.

The cruises typically last around two and a half hours and can be booked in advance.


09 Camel Safari

baja desert Aaron Hawkins / Getty Images

The beauty of Cabo San Lucas is that it is a combination of the desert and the sea. While there are plenty of romantic experiences to be had on the ocean, don't forget about exploring the Baja Desert.

A camel tour will allow you to travel out with expert guides, as you trek your way across the unique landscape of the Baja desert, and experience true Baja Californian culture.

These rides can also be coupled up with classes such as a tequila tasting, or tortilla making classes.


10 Playa Del Amor

playa del amor Grey_82 / Getty Images

The southernmost point of the peninsula is known as Land's End, on the Sea of Cortés side, you'll find the renowned Lover's Beach. Enjoy safe swimming in the ocean, as well as truly impressive snorkeling conditions.

The view of the bay from Lover's Beach is also one of the most romantic views you can enjoy, and the area is famous for couples enjoying picnics or taking wedding photographs.

Worth knowing in advance, however, is that there are no services or vendors on the beach, so you'll need to bring your own provisions.


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