Essential Things to Do in Bermuda
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Essential Things to Do in Bermuda

Getaway Staff

The common misconception is that Bermuda lies in the Caribbean. But this cluster of islands is less than 700 miles off the coast of North Carolina in the Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda is a short, three-hour flight from several travel hubs on the eastern coast of the U.S. It is a self-governing, British Overseas Territory that offers a subtropical climate with pleasant, mid-60s temperatures in the winter, and mid-80s in the summer. Bermuda has no rainy season, which allows for a wide variety of things to do throughout every season.


01 Summer Street Party in Hamilton

Front Street, Hamilton, Bermuda anouchka / Getty Images

Bermuda has three regions, the West End, Central Bermuda, and the East End. The capital city of Hamilton is a colorful, lively harbor city in Central Bermuda. In the summer months, head to the city’s main thoroughfare, Front Street, and join in on the festive Wednesday night weekly street party, Harbour Nights. Between 7 and 10 p.m., officials shut down Front Street and stop all vehicle traffic. This allows visitors to explore the artisan shops and eateries, chow down on street food, take in the cultural performances, dance, and mingle with fellow travelers and locals alike.


02 Flyboarding

man on flyboard

The turquoise-blue waters are a haven for water sports enthusiasts in Bermuda, with tons of options available for jet skiing, snorkeling, paddleboarding, and more. But one of the newer water-sport sensations in Bermuda is flyboarding, which has developed into a competitive sport in recent years. It starts with strapping boots with jet nozzles to your feet. A long hose attaches to a jet ski. Water pumps through the hose to the jet nozzles, which propel the rider up into the air using the thrust of the water jets. Riders can fly, perform acrobatic moves, or dive in and out of the water dolphin-style. Visit Coconut Rockets on the West End of the island, the first flyboarding outfit in Bermuda, to try out this fast-growing sport for yourself.


03 The Royal Navy Dockyard

Royal Navy Dockyard, Bermuda JanetLa / Getty Images

From 1809 until 1951, the Royal Navy Dockyard served as a military port for England. Today, the stone buildings and wharves instead house art galleries, shops, craft markets, restaurants, and other entertainment options. The Dockyard’s National Museum of Bermuda Military will fascinate history with its displays of 500 years-worth of maritime artifacts. The museum is a treasury full of the historic and cultural stories of Bermuda, including its role in trans-Atlantic slavery and as a penal colony for English and Irish convicts. The Dolphin Quest is a large sanctuary outside of the Dockyard walls, where visitors can touch or swim with the dolphins.


04 Spittal Pond Nature Reserve

Rugged coast in Spittal Pond Naturel Reserve along South Shore in Bermuda Orchidpoet / Getty Images

A haven for wildlife and an important rocky shore habitat, the Spittal Pond Nature Reserve near Smith’s Parish is one of the natural wonders of Bermuda. Enjoy 64 acres of a diverse landscape featuring an array of bird species and plant life. But the most interesting area of this reserve is the unique geological rock formation, “The Checkerboard.” Over time, weather and water eroded cracks and joints into this large, flat slab of limestone, leaving behind a rare geological formation that takes on the appearance of a checkerboard. Clearly marked hiking trails make for a pleasant hike through the reserve. Leashed pets are welcome.


05 Go Underground

Bermuda Crystal Cave JianweiZ / Getty Images

There are natural wonders, far below the surface, that earn a place on the list of top things to do in Bermuda. The Crystal Cave and the Fantasy Cave are underground geological attractions in Hamilton Parish. These caves are popular tourist destinations, but the unique rock formations, underground pools, and rare chandelier clusters are ideal for both amateur and professional spelunkers. Certified cave guides offer tours of one or both of the caves, which maintain a cool 50-degree temperature year-round. Try one of the evening lantern tours offered during the summer months.


06 Horseshoe Bay Beach

Bermuda's beautiful Horseshoe Bay Beach Gemini-A / Getty Images

Travel experts rank this famous beach as one of the top 20 beaches in the world. The picturesque shoreline at Horseshoe Bay Beach is also one of the most photographed. The soft, pink sand, and clear blue water are inviting and worth the visit. Try visiting in the early mornings to avoid crowds between May and October, the height of tourist season. Stroll down to Horseshoe Bay’s second beach, Port Royal Cove. Families enjoy this area because of its calm, shallow waters. A large rock formation separates the two beaches. Feeling adventurous? Climb to the top of the formation for a panoramic view of the area.


07 Culinary Fare

Caribbean lobster cuisine on restaurant table in Bermuda. This kind of lobster is locally called Guinea Chick. Orchidpoet / Getty Images

Don’t expect to find a fast-food franchise in Bermuda. The “Prohibited Restaurant Act” forbids foreign fast-food chains on the island. Officials allow only one KFC to continue operation because it opened before the law was in place. But with all the delicious local delicacies across the island, who needs fast food? Bermuda’s international-style cuisine offers Caribbean, British, West African, Native American, and Portuguese influences. The codfish breakfast, featuring boiled or steamed salt cod, onions, boiled potatoes, sliced bananas, and a boiled egg, is a Sunday morning staple. Don’t miss the famous fish sandwich at Art Mel’s Spicy Dicy in Hamilton. For more elegant fare, visit the award-winning Waterlot Inn, a dockside steakhouse in Southampton.


08 Tobacco Bay

Tobacco Bay, Bermuda anouchka / Getty Images

Just a short distance from St. George is the public Tobacco Bay Beach. Visitors will discover a delightful beach, with limestone rock formations, and shallow, crystal blue waters perfect for snorkeling, kayaking, or paddleboarding. The rocks offer a haven for the local marine life, including blue parrotfish, angelfish, sergeant majors, and more. After a day in the sun, head over to the nearby, family-friendly restaurant, or grab a cocktail. Or, attend Tobacco Bay’s Bonfire and Bohemia, a beach party featuring live music every evening during the summer months.


09 The Bermuda Perfumery

Beautiful tropical beach on Bermuda Island and houses on stilts

The perfume tradition in St. George’s Parish dates back to 1928. Today, master perfumer Isabelle Ramsay-Brackstone carries on the tradition, creating Bermuda-inspired fragrances. The Bermuda Perfumery is housed in a historic building, Stewart Hall. Visitors can tour the perfumery and learn about the process of creating, bottling, and aging perfumes. Sign up for a workshop, and work with Isabelle to create your own signature scent. Afterward, enjoy a pastry, scone, or cake and traditional tea at Sweet P’s High Tea, also in Stewart Hall.


10 Sailing and Boating

downtown of hamilton viewed at harbor bermuba

The calm waters surrounding Bermuda are perfect for sailors and those that love cruising across the ocean. From March through July each year, Bermuda hosts several sailing and yachting events, including the historic Newport Bermuda Race. Visitors can explore the island on one of the many sightseeing cruises available. The sunset cruises are an option for those seeking romantic ambiance. Glass-bottomed catamarans offer unique and thrilling views of marine life, coral reefs, and shipwreck sites. Local sailing companies also offer lessons for those seeking more than just a relaxing boat ride.


11 Jet ski tour from South Hampton experience

Couple riding jet ski Image Source / Getty Images

There is a thrill of skimming across Bermuda's azure waters on a jet ski tour from South Hampton. This high-octane adventure offers a unique perspective of the island's coastline, revealing hidden coves and secluded beaches. As you zip around the harbor and outer islands, you'll also get a glimpse of Bermuda's multimillion-dollar mansions and the historic H.M.S. Vixen shipwreck. Don't forget to feed the fish that flock to the jet skis, eager for a nibble of bread.


12 World’s smallest drawbridge, Somerset Bridge

The worlds smallest drawbridge, Somerset Parish, Bermuda. wwing / Getty Images

A testament to Bermuda's quaint charm, the Somerset Bridge holds the title of the world's smallest working drawbridge. Dating back to 1620, this tiny 32-inch gap is just enough to allow a sailboat’s mast to pass through. The bridge is such a symbol of Bermuda; it even features on the Bermuda dollar. A visit to this charming attraction is a must for any traveler.


13 Tour a tall ship in Saint George

Bermuda, St. George's, Unfinished church Westend61 / Getty Images

Step back in time and explore a life-size replica of the 17th-century ship "Deliverance" in Saint George. Known as "The ship that saved America," it brought vital supplies to the colony at Jamestown, Virginia, in 1610. A tour of this tall ship offers a fascinating insight into Bermuda's maritime history and the island's role in the early days of the New World.

Unfinished church in Saint George

The Unfinished Church in Saint George is a hauntingly beautiful site. Its Gothic architecture, left incomplete due to funding problems and hurricanes, stands as a testament to the island's resilience. Visitors can explore the ruins for free, wandering among the stone arches and imagining what might have been.


14 Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity

The beautiful Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity under a deep blue sky, Hamilton, Bermuda Marc Guitard / Getty Images

Towering over the city of Hamilton, the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity is a beacon of Bermuda's religious heritage. Visitors can climb the 155-step tower for panoramic views of Hamilton Harbour. Inside, the cathedral's stained glass windows and intricate woodwork are a testament to the island's craftsmanship.


15 Front Street in Hamilton

Hamilton, Bermuda... Sunset on the waterfront and Front Street. wwing / Getty Images

the vibrant heart of Bermuda's capital, Front Street is a bustling hub of activity. Colonial buildings painted in pastel hues line the street, while the sparkling harbor provides a stunning backdrop. Here, visitors can shop for unique trinkets, dine at local eateries, and soak up the lively atmosphere.


16 John Smith Bay Beach

Turquoise Water of John Smith Bay, Bermuda Hal Goodtree / Getty Images

Named after Captain John Smith, this beautiful pink sand beach is a hidden gem. Snorkeling is available right offshore, and it's a popular spot for diving, especially night diving. The beach's secluded location makes it perfect for those seeking a peaceful retreat.


17 Sea Glass Beach in Hamilton

Seaglass Beach - Bermuda demerzel21 / Getty Images

A unique beachfront where colorful sea glass has washed up upon the shore, Sea Glass Beach in Hamilton is a sight to behold. The glassy waterfront is a result of a glass-making factory that once operated nearby. Visitors are reminded to leave the glass behind for future generations to admire.


18 Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute

Dive into the mysteries of the deep at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. With interactive exhibits on everything from shipwrecks to marine conservation, the institute offers a fascinating insight into the world beneath the waves. Don't miss the virtual reality dive experience, which takes you on a journey through Bermuda's stunning underwater landscapes.


19 Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo

Lookdown fish in aquarium i loeskieboom / Getty Images

A triple threat of entertainment, the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo offers a day of fun for the whole family. Marvel at the colorful marine life in the aquarium, learn about the island's natural history in the museum, and meet a variety of animals at the zoo. From the playful seals to the exotic birds, there's something to delight every animal lover. The facility's commitment to conservation and education makes it a must-visit for anyone interested in Bermuda's diverse ecosystems.


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