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Edmonton, Alberta Is Frosty With a Cherry on Top

Yes, Edmonton is freezing quite often, but that makes it perfect for an anytime vacation impervious to bad weather. This modern Canadian city is built for the cold, and when you scurry within one of the many ginormous indoor attractions, you'll quickly forget the frigid temps outside. Summer isn't non-existent either, and the locals make the most of it with festivals upon festivals, strolls in the river valley, and unrestrained joy. Edmonton also has the incredible honor of being the eighth top city in the world for pizza, and who doesn't love a good slice of pie?


01 Edmonton River Valley

Imagine Central Park in New York. Now multiply that by 22, and you'll get one of the continent's most extensive urban park networks, right in Edmonton. Take the 100 Street Funicular from downtown, and you'll be whisked to the River Valley Parks in under 60 seconds. This green belt along the North Saskatchewan River bisects the city, and explorers can traverse up to 100 miles of trails, encountering bridges, lakes, and golf courses. You'll also find Muttart Conservatory in the river valley.

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02 Elk Island National Park

The closest national park to Edmonton is about half an hour east of the city. When the weather's amenable, you can camp, hike near Astotin Lake or rent canoes. More than anything else, you'll see bison of the prairie and wood varieties. You may also come across black bears, deer, gray wolves, lynxes, moose, coyotes, birds, and beavers. Speaking of which, Beaver Hills Dark Sky Preserve has little in the way of light pollution, making it prime stargazing country if staring up at the night sky while it's carpeted in twinkly celestial bodies is your jam, or the Northern Lights are on your bucket list.

Car driving in a national park Richard Wear / Design Pics / Getty Images

03 TELUS World of Science

Edmonton Telus World Of Science Odyssium in Alberta, Canada

World of Science is aimed at a younger set, about age ten and under, but older kids won't leave without some hands-on STEM fun and learning something new, and there are adult-only events and film festivals too. From astronauts and dinosaurs to health, the topics here are wide-ranging enough to capture anyone's interest. Temporary exhibits keep the educational material fresh and exciting, and there's an adjoining planetarium and IMAX theatre for good measure. World of Science is easily a whole-day excursion, so you won't have to rack your brain for other sources of entertainment.


04 Edmonton Valley Zoo

Edmonton Valley Zoo is home to an array of native animals and endangered and exotic creatures, great and small. The red pandas, arctic foxes, and snow leopards are particularly popular. When you tire of gaping at the wide variety of animals, you can pause at the petting area or hop on the carousel, mini train, or paddle boats. Winter discounts apply, and Zoominescence is an annual holiday highlight with skating, hot chocolate, and lights enough to lift any spirit.

05 West Edmonton Mall

West Edmonton's closest rival in North America is the colossal Mall of America in Minnesota. West Edmonton Mall is massive and contains 48 city blocks' worth of shopping, at least 100 places to eat, multi-level go-karting, and an indoor waterpark, World Waterpark, with slides and wave machines to put a smile on the faces of the water babies among us.

St. Maria pirate vessel in the West Edmonton Mall Nick Fox /

06 GalaxyLand

Carousel in the west edmonton mall

Listen, if you're a funfair fan, the world's largest indoor amusement park will knock your socks off. We're talking about the tallest and longest indoor rollercoaster on the planet and at least 26 other rides from beginner to advanced for chickens and daredevils alike. There's a maintenance schedule so you can plan around your favorite rides' availability. GalaxyLand is another reason to visit the mall on roids AKA West Edmonton Mall.


07 Fort Edmonton Park

Recent renovations cost $165 million, so this is a must-see on your itinerary. You can travel back to the 1840s without stepping into a time machine. All you have to do is visit Fort Edmonton Park, the largest living history museum in the Great White North. You'll find a reconstructed Hudson Bay log fort, a horse-drawn carriage, and a steam train for your conveyance. There's also an Indigenous Peoples Experience showcasing the culture of Treaty 6 Territory. Be sure to visit during Halloween for the spooktastic DARK event.

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08 K Days

Edmonton has dozens of annual festivals, from the arts-centric Fringe to a Heritage Fest and an ice sculpture celebration. K Days goes way back to 1879 when it was known as the Edmonton Exhibition before becoming Klondike Days to reflect a gold rush theme. It's a favorite summer event involving ten days of non-stop thrills and around 800,000 attendees. Come for the street parties, parades, concerts, and candy apples, and stay for the too-many-to-mention treats.

09 Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village

Many Edmontonians originally hail from Bukovina in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Cultural Village near Elk Island National Park takes on new resonance in the wake of the Russia-Ukraine war. Costumed guides help depict how Ukrainian immigrants lived at the turn of the 19th century, and reconstructed barns and churches give this destination an authentic feel. You can also sample Ukrainian foods like beet soup, cabbage rolls, and pierogies.

10 Art Gallery of Alberta

Whatever your interests, there's a museum for you in Edmonton. We've highlighted some already, but look out for the Royal Alberta Museum, the aviation museum, and the railway museum too. Art aficionados will want to head to the Art Gallery of Alberta, housed in a building not unlike Bilbao's Guggenheim—it hints at drama and mystery. You'll find the gallery on Sir Winston Churchill Square, and the collections are as splendid as the architecture.


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