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Don't Miss The Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands are a group of hundreds of islands in the South Pacific. No matter where you look, there is incredible scenery to take in. Full of history, outdoor recreational opportunities, and of course, beaches, it's the perfect place for you to take your next vacation. Whether you choose to go hiking, check out the underwater creatures while scuba diving, or want to enjoy lots of lazy beach days, you're going to enjoy your time spent in the Solomon Islands.


01 Spend the Afternoon Exploring Kennedy Island

Kennedy Island, Kasolo Island Photo by Nash Belarus

This is not only a gorgeous island full of magnificent views but also a historical spot--this is where John F. Kennedy swam ashore when his boat was destroyed by the Japanese in 1943. There are some memorabilia here to take a look at and absorb the history, but Kennedy Island is also a good place to go snorkeling, swimming, or to relax on the beach.


02 Hike to the Scenic Tenaru Falls

Tenaru waterfall, Guadalcanal Island, Solomon Islands

Another must-see thing to do while in the Solomon Islands is to visit the scenic Tenaru Falls. The waterfalls are gorgeous and they appear to be almost magical. To get to the falls, you'll need to hike for a few hours, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes. If you want to make your hike experience easier, it's a good idea to hire a guide for the day.


03 Visit the Beautiful Honiara Botanical Gardens

View of Honiara from the top of hill in Solomon Island GenDeschenes / Getty Images

What used to be a site for American and Japanese bases during World War II now serves as the beautiful Honiara Botanical Gardens. There are many trails to wander through and an orchid house where you can see all the local specimens. If you're feeling hungry after a few hours of exploring, there is a nice picnic area where you can enjoy a packed lunch.


04 Walk Around the Honiara Central Market

Colorful vegetables in Honiara central market, Solomon Islands

While in Honiara, you can't miss the Honiara Central Market. Here you'll see vendors selling fresh produce, flowers, fresh fish, jewelry, and other local goods. One great thing about this market is the prices are quite low, so you can easily buy some nice souvenirs to bring back home.


05 Go Scuba Diving at Mbonege Beach

Old crashed ship on Solomon Islands from times of Second World War

At Mbonege Beach, you'll find remnants of a Japanese shipwreck. If you're into scuba diving or if you've always wanted to give it a try, this is an excellent place to do it. You can dive underwater to check out the shipwreck as well as many fish and other sea creatures. If diving isn't for you, go snorkeling around the wreck site.


06 Take in the Views at Roviana Lagoon

Barrier Island of Marovo Lagoon, World Heritage Site in Solomon Islands Janos / Getty Images

Travelers also like to spend time hanging out at Roviana Lagoon. This area has a relaxing atmosphere and it's the perfect place to go to sit and soak up all of the views. You can also swim in the water or go fishing. While here, you will see local residents floating around on the water in canoes.


07 Witness the Beauty of Trenches Creek Falls

Mataniko Falls, Solomon Islands Photo credit: rapidtravelchai on Visualhunt

If you enjoy spending time in nature, you're going to want to visit Trenches Creek Falls. These waterfalls require hiking to get to, so be sure to wear appropriate footwear as you make your journey to the falls. Along the way, you'll see natural pools of water and canyon walls. Finally, you'll make your way through rougher terrain and wade in water before making it to the beautiful waterfalls.


08 See the Kashi Maru Shipwreck

anti-aircraft gun on ww2 shipwreck guadalcanal solomon islands

If you want to see yet another Japanese shipwreck, you'll want to make time to go diving to see the Kashi Maru ship. Located in the Mbaeroko Bay, you can easily go scuba diving to explore this ship without a guide. With clear waters, you'll get a chance to see plenty of fish, corals, and other sea life.


09 Charter a Boat at Coral Sea Resort and Casino

Views of Honiara from a cruise ship, Solomon Islands LifeofRileyDesign / Getty Images

If you're searching for an excellent afternoon adventure, head to the Coral Sea Resort and Casino. Here you can charter a boat for a full day or for several hours at a time. You can choose what kind of boating experience you want to take part in, whether it's a fishing trip, scuba diving adventure, sightseeing, or dolphin watching. This is a memorable way to spend the afternoon soaking up all of the beautiful views as you float on the water.


10 Visit the Sacred Skull Island

temple of skulls on Solomon Islands

While in the Solomon Islands, you can't forget to visit Skull Island. This truly unique attraction is a sacred place for locals. The island is full of skull shrines and the skills are of enemies from earlier headhunting days. You'll only be able to visit here on a guided tour, but it's a worthwhile experience to see the skulls up close and witness the eerie atmosphere of the island.


11 Explore Riba Cave

Japanese coastal tunnel Stefan Krasowski / Flickr

If you're seeking an adventure, plan to explore Riba Cave. To get into the cave, you'll follow a slippery path and once insider the eerie cave, you'll be greeted by an underground river. Since this cave is on private property, you'll need to arrange a tour to visit. Since it's dark and hard to see, pack a flashlight and wear comfortable shoes to get you through the journey.


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