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Check Off Your Bucket List at Green Bay, Wisconsin

Green Bay has a little something for everyone. Nestled along Green Bay on Lake Michigan, this welcoming city in Wisconsin has a ton of Midwestern charm, and it's also the home of the Greenbay Packers and their loyal Cheese Head fans. From exciting nightlife, tasty eateries, and amusement parks to campgrounds, nature areas, and museums, there's never a dull moment in a city that stays loyal to its sports teams.


01 Lambeau Field

Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA: Historic Lambeau Field

Whether you're a supercharged football fan or enjoy a game on occasion, you can't leave Green Bay without a visit to Lambeau Field. Home field to the Green Bay Packers, the energy of this place is contagious. Pick up a cheese head hat and root for the Pack, or visit during the off-season and check out the 376,000 square-foot atrium, where you'll find the Packers Pro Shop, The Packers Hall of Fame, and the 1919 Kitchen & Tap. Relax and watch sports on over a dozen flat screens while sipping on craft brew and eating signature Wiscoburgers.


02 Green Bay Botanical Garden

For a beautiful day in nature, head over to the Green Bay Botanical Garden. This lovely oasis is open year-round, even during the snowy months, and it houses an abundance of plants and flowers that are local to the area and bloom within the four seasons. Fall foliage in the Midwest is breathtaking, so be sure to take some genuinely Instagrammable photos during your visit. Schedule a tour with a guide for an in-depth experience, or take a stroll on your own time. During the winter months, check out the Garden of Lights, a winter wonderland light show throughout the gardens.

Beautiful summer garden Martin Wahlborg / Getty Images

03 Badger State Brewing Company

For a true taste of Wisconsin, check out Badger State Brewery. Located in the Stadium District, this laid-back taproom has 24 beers on tap, all made right at home in Wisconsin. While the brewery doesn't serve food, patrons can bring their own from any of the surrounding eateries, and it's a great place to mingle with locals after a game. Tours are available on Saturdays for those who want to have an up-close view of where the beer is crafted. If you sample something you like, you can take home a bottle or can of your favorite drink.

Cropped shot of a jug of beer on a counter at a bar gradyreese / Getty Images

04 The Automobile Gallery

Whether you're a car aficionado or a novice, a trip to The Automobile Gallery is a must on your Green Bay to-do list. An abundant display of muscle cars, classic cars, futuristic cars, and more highlights this popular museum, and volunteer guides are standing by to fill you in on the history and stories of all the vehicles on display. One of the most popular cars is former Packer Bart Starr's Corvette, and there are also separate showrooms for classic trucks and cars.

Classic Car Tail Fin - stock photo Bim / Getty Images

05 Bay Beach Amusement Park

For some good, old-fashioned fun, head over to the Bay Beach Amusement Park. Cruise around on bumper cars, or take a plunge on the old-fashioned yet incredibly steep Zippin Pippin roller coaster. The ride of Zippin Pippin is a replica of Elvis Presley's favorite roller coaster that he used to ride in his home state of Tennessee. When you're tired out from all the excitement, grab a soda or a hot dog at the concession stand and take in the views along the Green Bay Shores.

Classic roller coaster with people at Cedar Point AWelshLad / Getty Images

06 National Railroad Museum

Learn about the American railroad history and embark on an exciting train ride by paying a visit to the National Railroad Museum. Established in 1956, the museum is one of Green Bay's most popular attractions, welcoming over 100,000 guests a year. If you're in Green Bay during the winter months, hop on the museum's Polar Express ride, where you'll ride to the North Pole. The museum also hosts Brew Fest, where you can tour the museum while sipping craft beer and enjoying some tasty Wisconsin food.

woman sitting in old fashioned train Oleh_Slobodeniuk / Getty Images

07 New Zoo and Adventure Park

If you're a thrill-seeker who loves animals, spend some time at New Zoo and Adventure Park. Stroll the grounds and have fun feeding the otters and giraffes, then get a bird's eye view of the zoo with an exhilarating zip line ride. Open year-long, the zoo always has something to check out. During the holidays, it hosts pancake breakfasts with Santa, as well as New Years' and Christmas indoor exhibits. If you're feeling extremely daring, sign up for a Zoo Snooze and spend the night at the zoo, complete with a moonlight safari trek.

Heads of two giraffes in front of green trees - stock photo ZU_09 / Getty Images

08 Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary

Get back to nature with a day at the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. Take a guided tour and learn about local wildlife, or if you're visiting during the winter holidays, sign up for a "Soup and Ski" tour, where visitors cross country ski through the trails and finish the day with a cup of hot soup. Another fun activity is the "Owl Prowl," where you'll head out at dusk with a flashlight and peek at the majestic, yet mysterious owls in their natural habitat.

Red deer (Cervus elaphus) - stock photo DamianKuzdak / Getty Images

09 Historic Meyer Theatre

Located in downtown Green Bay, the Meyer Theatre has been a town favorite since the 1930s. If you're in the mood for some belly laughs or a little live music, head over to the theatre for a night of entertainment and local history. From the Nutcracker during the holidays to stand-up comedy and cover bands, this local landmark is worth a visit.

Meyer Theatre Photo by Chris Rand

10 Titletown

Titletown is a popular mecca in Green Bay, packed with restaurants, shops, outdoor activities, and even a full-size football field. During the snowy months, you can go skating at the outdoor rink, or take a run down one of the tubing lanes. During the summer, the Titletown Night Market is the place to be, as the market features 75 vendors providing food, craft beer, gifts and crafts, and interactive game courts while live music creates the perfect backdrop.

With bestie for Christmas - stock photo svetikd / Getty Images

11 Fox River State Trail

Embark on a picturesque journey along the Fox River State Trail, where the beauty of Green Bay unfolds with each step or pedal. Stretching over miles of lush landscapes, this trail invites nature lovers and fitness enthusiasts alike. Whether you're up for a leisurely walk, a brisk bike ride, or an inline skate, the Fox River State Trail offers a peaceful escape into nature's embrace, complete with the occasional deer sighting or the gentle rustle of leaves in the wind.

12 Oneida Nation cultural tour

Step back in time and immerse yourself in the rich heritage of the Oneida Nation with a cultural tour that promises enlightenment and inspiration. Discover the traditions, stories, and enduring spirit of a people deeply rooted in the Green Bay area. Through engaging presentations and eye-opening performances, visitors gain a profound appreciation for the Oneida Nation's history and contributions to the region, making for an educational and heartfelt experience.

13 Mulva Cultural Center

Nestled in the heart of De Pere, the Mulva Cultural Center stands as a beacon of creativity and intellectual engagement. This modern facility hosts an array of exhibits and programs that span the spectrum of arts and culture. From captivating art exhibitions to thought-provoking lectures, the Mulva Cultural Center offers a stimulating environment for all ages, fostering a deeper connection with the arts and encouraging visitors to explore the bounds of their imagination.

14 Crescent Beach and Boardwalk

LightHouse on Green Bay WI

Discover the tranquility of Crescent Beach and Boardwalk in Algoma, a serene oasis that lies a short drive from the hustle of Green Bay. Here, the rhythmic waves of Lake Michigan meet sandy shores and a charming boardwalk, creating a perfect backdrop for relaxation and contemplation. Take a leisurely stroll, soak up the sun, or simply enjoy the panoramic views of the lake. Crescent Beach is an idyllic retreat for those seeking peace and natural beauty.


15 Neville Public Museum

At the Neville Public Museum, curiosity meets discovery across the realms of art, history, and science. Explore engaging exhibits that narrate the rich tapestry of Green Bay's past, present, and future alongside global cultural insights. From ancient artifacts to contemporary artworks, the museum presents a diverse collection that educates, entertains, and inspires visitors of all ages. A visit to the Neville Public Museum is a journey through time and imagination, offering endless wonders to uncover.


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