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Best Rooftop Bars In NYC Outside of Manhattan

Rooftop drinking in New York City has become the new brunch. Unlike disappointing, hangover-inducing bottomless mimosas with an hour-long-wait, these bars will let you pick your own poison, and the hangover is up to you based on the choices that you make. While Manhattan has its share of brilliant rooftop drinking opportunities what many of these bars miss is a view of the fantastic Manhattan skyline. When in Manhattan it's quite easy to obscure your view of its skyline because you're simply to close to it or your view is obstructed by the building a couple of blocks down when you're a part of the skyline.


01 Pine Bar & Grill (Bronx)


Brooklyn and Queens are getting easier to find something ridiculously overpriced with a line to enter. The Pine Bar & Grill in the Bronx gives a brilliant view of nothing but sky, brunch without a line and a $22 lobster. This place will remind you of Manhattan in the 80s (price wise) with a contemporary-minded interior designer.


02 Northern Territory (Brooklyn)


Northern Territory in the Green Point neighborhood of Brooklyn, is exactly what you would expect from a couple of uprooted and replanted Aussies running the place. Its spacious rooftop bar provides what you would expect from English criminals uprooted to Brooklyn with a great selection of beers and spacious rooftop with views of Manhattan.


03 Berry Park (Brooklyn)


It's all about the European beers at this hip and airy Brooklyn establishment. Comfort food compliments the beer perfectly while providing diners and drinkers alike an opportunity to escape the well-worn sidewalks below. If you fancy a beer, they have this, and the menu to perfectly compliment a tankard of your favorite German or Belgian beer.


04 1 Rooftop Bar (Brooklyn)

shutterstock_520066648 (1)

There is something iconic and familiar about a view of the Brooklyn Bridge. 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge adds another element with its rooftop bar where, along with your drink, you nearly place yourself in the shoes of those walking back to Manhattan or home to Brooklyn. It's effectively at eye level, so you understand that they are on there way somewhere and you're merely watching them pass you by this early evening.


05 Westlight (Brooklyn)


Rooftop drinks in a city this large, yet small, often sees you shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers. This is not the case on the roof of the of the William Vale Hotel. The cocktails are genius, and the outside is nothing short of spacious offering a great look at lower Manhattan.


06 The Ides, Rooftop Bar at Wythe Hotel (Brooklyn)


At first glance, you might think this rooftop bar is mingling with the clouds and the pretentious. While the design suggests something terrifically upscale while you're worried about being a touch underdressed when you enter, you'll soon find that it's not the case after you order your first of a couple of magical cocktails.


07 Rooftop Reds (Brooklyn)

shutterstock_732912931 (1)

The name speaks volumes, this rooftop bar way out in the Navy Yards is well worth the trip. It's cheapish and easy to make a B-line to the bar to grab a glass of wine and challenge a stranger to a game of cornhole on a rooftop. Alternatively, put yourself in a hammock with that book you've been looking to finish and get it done.


08 Z Roof at the Z NYC Hotel (Queens)

smaildaga / Getty Images smaildaga / Getty Images

Queens is getting a skyline of its own these days, and the Z Roof bar in Long Island City offers a perfect example of what's happening in LIC. Don't worry the Manhattan skyline remains there for the taking on this spacious rooftop that also offers phenomenal views of Queens' transformation.


09 Penthouse 808 at the Ravel Hotel (Queens)

RyanJLane / Getty Images RyanJLane / Getty Images

This nearly 10,000-square-foot on the sixth floor of the Ravel Hotel offers views of the Queensboro Bridge, the East River, and midtown Manhattan if you look under the bridge. The food is Pacific Rim the views are all about why you're in Queens and Long Island City. Don't leave your wallet home; this is one of the pricier options on this list.


10 Bourbon Street (Queens)


Bayside, Queens has been waiting and deserved a rooftop bar like Bourbon Street. Located on thriving Bell Boulevard. Take a trip to New Orleans with this themed Big Easy rooftop. Happy hours on the weekdays and an excellent raw bar to pair with your drink await you. Mini Po' Boys and lobster rolls expect you and are paired with New Orleans marching/funeral street jazz.


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