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Best Beaches for Beginner Surfers - Mexico Edition

Mexico is home to some of the most amazing surfing spots in the world. Along the 9,000-mile-long coastline, there are so many exciting beaches and coves to practice your surfing skills. From the Baja Peninsula down and around to the border of Guatemala, Mexico has surfing paradises for beginners to seasoned professionals.

In this dreamland for surfers, it is best for beginner surfers to stick to some of the more mellow beaches and breakpoints. There are plenty of beautiful stretches of water where beginners can cultivate and master their surfing skills.


01 Playa Carrizalillo

Picturesque and secluded, Playa Carrizalillo is a gorgeous cove located in ​Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. Just a short drive from the legendary Zicatela beach, this surfing spot provides a more relaxing option for beginners. The serene ambiance of Playa Carrizalillo is soothing, perfect for people new to surfing and maybe nervous about being around aficionados.

The beautiful waters of this charming beach supply long swells of rideable waves to practice riding waves. Feel free to try some new moves and make a splash away from the noisy crowds on mainstream beaches. When you're finished on the water, recuperate at the small bar or several palapas found at Playa Carrizalillo.


02 San Blas, Nayarit

Mexico, Nayarit, San Blas, ocean waves at Matanchen Bay John Seaton Callahan / Getty Images

San Blas, Nayarit is a small village home to the captivating Las Islitas beach. Although this marvelous beach was once famous for the longest wave in the world, beginners shouldn't be intimidated. San Blas is also a great surf spot for those with less experience riding the waves.

Surfers with little to no experience can achieve high-level skills in this cozy spot also known as a laid-back fishing village. Surfing season in San Blas runs from April through November, with mid-year being the best time for beginners.


03 Troncones, Guerrero

Ocean Pacific. Troncones, beach in Guerrero, Mexico csp /

Although Troncones, Guerrero has the reputation of providing awesome waves to pro surfers, there are ample opportunities for beginners also. This devoted beach community and surfing hot spot is located near the popular resort towns of Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa. There isn't a whole lot else to do in Troncones except surfing where local shops generally provide lessons and board rentals.

Along the stunning 3 mile stretch of sandy beach, beginners will find plenty of gentle waves to get them started. Troncones, Guerrero is a great surfing spot for new surfers to find their own rhythm and peak that best suits their abilities.


04 San Agustinillo, Oaxaca

partial view of a wave with a surfer and a small cliff in the bay of San Agustinillo in the southern state of Oaxaca in Mexico, Latin America

A short drive from Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca is a small village west of Zipolite called San Agustinillo. Set upon a curved bay, this hidden secret of a surfing spot is an excellent choice for beginners. With its postcard-perfect beauty and chilled-out attitude, San Agustinillo is a beginner surf paradise.

The smooth beach break allows new surfers to experience gentle left and right waves at all stages of the tide. San Agustinillo's tranquil waters make learning techniques a breeze. The cool beach is also popular with body surfers and boogie boarders.


05 Sayulita, Nayarit

Silhouette boy with surfboard walking on idyllic ocean beach, Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico Nik West / Getty Images

Among Mexico's other revered surfing spots for beginners is Sayulita, Nayarit. Along with being a favored retreat for the professionals, this super appealing beach also welcomes surfers new to the sport. The waves in the Sayulita beaches are known among the community as being consistent, fun, and easy to handle.

From December to April, this delightful town provides its visitors with waist to chest high waves that are ideal for beginner surfers to get a handle of the fundamentals. There are unlimited opportunities for newbied to hone their surfing skills.


06 Playa Los Pinos

Surfer at sunset, Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

Most people agree that the western Mexico state of Sinaloa, Mazatlán has some of the best all-around surfing in the country. There are many exciting beaches to explore in Mazatlán during the season from April to October. For beginners, the best choice is the family-friendly Playa Los Pinos.

Surfers experience a wide variety of waves, including hollow and fast point breaks and A-frame breaks with sand bottoms to cater to every level of ability. Playa Los Pinos is an excellent surfing spot for beginners to practice all types of moves.


07 Playa Los Cerritos

Cerritos Beach. Baja California, Mexico

At the bottom of Baja in Los Cabos, about 20 minutes south of Todos Santos, is the entertaining and attractive Playa Los Cerritos. The waves in this super cool spot are user-friendly and consistent, making it a favorite among longboarders and beginner surfers.

Swells of water wrap around the headland and provide both left and right walls for newbie surfers to experience. In addition to trendy accommodations such as Cerritos Beach Club and Hacienda Cerritos, there is waterfront camping in the sands of Playa Los Cerritos. With good waves all day and night, this is the perfect beach for a Mexican surf holiday.


08 Acapulco Bay, Guerrero

A surfer looking for waves at the beach. Acapulco, Mexico. Tais Policanti / Getty Images

Acapulco is well-known for being a Mexican city with a lively party city scene. A lesser-known fact is that the Pacific coast paradise is also home to some pretty decent surfing spots. The beautifully calm waters in Acapulco Bay produce ideal wave conditions for beginner surfers and windsurfing.

At Playa Revolcadero, surfers can find waves on an A-frame beach break suitable for all levels of experience and ability. Bonfil is also an A-frame beach break but with longer waves that are great for perfecting your skills.


09 La Punta de Zicatela

Young man entering surf on Pacific Coast Michele Falzone / Getty Images

South of Puerto Escondido Bay is La Punta de Zicatela, which features a mellow left-hand point break that is excellent for beginners thanks to its easy take-off and slowly peeling walls. The waves in this beach are smaller and easier to ride than the ones at Playa Zicatela just down the beach.

La Punta de Zicatela can get a bit crowded with tight take-off spots so beginner surfers tend to stay on the inside. The waves here tend to be hollow fast with surf being faster on a lower tide. Waves are consistent between March and October, with the summer months supplying the best conditions.


10 Punta Conejo

Looking into an ocean wave during sunrise. David Marano Photography / Getty Images

An exposed point break in Baja Sur, Punta Conejo is located in Salina Cruz, Oaxaca. There are two popular ways to experience the awesome waves of this surfing spot - an all-inclusive stay at the classy Punta Conejo Resort or camping on your own in an isolated place on the beach.

Punta Conejo has dependable surf at any time of the year with plenty of options for beginner or advanced skills. This friendly beach is usually not crowded so you can feel confident to try out some new surf moves before taking them to more populous beaches.


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