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Barrie, Innisfil, and Lake Simcoe: What to Do

Barrie, Innisfil and Lake Simcoe blend excitement and nature. It's perfect for families, thrill-seekers and people who love the quiet life. The parks nearby, the waterways and the historic sites have that mix of fun and relaxation.

See the horizon waters with every new day waiting to unfold. From water adventures on Lake Simcoe to strolling the historic vibe of Barrie city center or at the natural attractions of Innisfil — there is something for everyone.

Thrill gets you there, tranquility keeps you, and memories will make you want to return. The start of your next big adventure begins here.


01 Barrie's vibrant waterfront

Centennial Park walking Path and wooden bench. Downtown Barrie curves around the shore of Kempenfelt Bay, Lake Simcoe in summer time. Ontario, Canada.

Barrie's lively waterfront is the city's heart, buzzing with activity from the marina, sandy beaches and green spaces offering relaxation and fun. Imagine walking by the water at sunset, with the sky glowing orange and pink, or lying on a blanket lost in a book with the soft sound of waves in the background. It's a scenic, colorful canvas inviting you to join in.


02 Attend the Barrie Waterfront Festival

Experience the annual Barrie Waterfront Festival, a highlight of the region, drawing crowds with its eclectic mix of live music, craft vendors, and food stalls. Set against the picturesque backdrop of Kempenfelt Bay, the festival celebrates the start of summer with performances by top Canadian bands and a stunning fireworks display that lights up the night sky.


03 Heritage and culture walks

Barrie, Ontario, Canada - July 25 2021 : Heritage and modern buildings on Dunlop Street. Downtown City of Barrie street view.

Let your curiosity lead you on a journey through time with Barrie's Heritage and Culture Walks. Stroll through historic lanes with a whisper of yesteryear in the air as stories of the past unfold through your headphones. Each step takes you through the city's history. Highlights include the Simcoe & Queens Hotels, Barrie Jail, the Old Fire Hall and Kempenfelt Bay. It feels like the walls come alive, revealing secrets and stories from the past.


04 Heritage Park

Barrie, Ontario, Canada - 2019 08 25: Summer view on the pond in the Heritage Park in Downtown Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Heritage Park is a jewel that shines through the seasons. Winter turns into a snowy wonderland full of light and laughter. Summer brings quiet paths and vibrant flowers, ideal for peaceful walks or lazy days. This waterfront features a gazebo, paths leading to bridges and streams, gardens, a marina, a pumphouse, an arboretum and the Heart Barrie sign. It's a sanctuary for all seasons, reflecting the community's strength and growth.


05 Axe throwing at Bullseye

If you love adventure and competition, Bullseye's axe-throwing in Barrie is for you. Picture the excitement of gripping an axe, feeling its weight, and the thrill as it spins towards the target. It's a fun mix of skill, precision, laughter and friendly competition. A unique experience that forges memories and stories worth sharing.


06 MacLaren Art Centre

Barrie,On,Canada-March 2, 2024:Designed by sculptor Ron Baird for the 1986 EXPO in Vancouver.Spirit Catcher is a 21-metre, steel kinetic sculpture inspired by indigenous mythology of the thunderbird.

Explore the core of culture at the MacLaren Art Centre, a place bursting with the energy of local and regional art. Here, you can experience art by diving into creativity yourself. With exciting workshops and educational programs, there's always something to spark your creativity. Experience artworks that each tell a story or share secrets of their creation. The complex has several galleries, an education center, a sculpture courtyard, a café and a gift shop.


07 Outdoor exploration at Ardagh Bluffs

For those drawn to nature, Ardagh Bluffs is a unique outdoor escape. Its green forests and wide trails make it a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Walk through beautiful paths, discovering stunning views and the peaceful sounds of the natural world. Ardagh Bluffs is not only for experienced hikers; it's a retreat for anyone wanting to escape the constant digital buzz of everyday life. The sights are marvelous, and every step brings you closer to Mother Nature.


08 Innisfil Beach Park

Sunrise at Innisfil Beach Park with great view of lake, sun, light, stones, trees, shadow and clouds

Innisfil Beach Park is your entry to the calm waters of Lake Simcoe. Here, you can swim, fish for a big catch or go boating. Spend a sunny day here, surrounded by laughter and the soft waves of the lake. It's a spot where stress disappears with the tide, leaving you with pure happiness and relaxation.


09 Friday Harbour Resort

Step into Friday Harbour Resort and find yourself in an all-season haven of excitement and relaxation. Enjoy fine dining and unique shopping experiences designed to impress you at every moment.

Friday Harbour Resort offers a variety of outdoor activities, turning every visit into an adventure. Enjoy a walk, with live music on weekends and tunes coming from outdoor patios. Explore trails or relax by the lake, where each day offers something new and exciting.


10 Gateway Casinos Innisfil

The excitement never ends at Gateway Casinos Innisfil, with fun at every turn. Enjoy the thrill of over 1000 slot machines or the challenge of live table games, where you could come out on top. The casino is filled with flashing lights, laughter and endless chances to try your luck. Gateway Casinos is a social hub where friendships bloom over shared thrills and entertainment is limitless. Every visit promises a cocktail of excitement, chance, and maybe, just maybe, a sprinkle of fortune.


11 Golfing in Lake Simcoe

Golfing in Lake Simcoe is like finding a hidden gem for anyone who loves golf. Play on courses where each swing shows you sparkling water or lush hills. These courses provide experiences for expert golfers looking for a challenge and casual players seeking a relaxing game. With narrow fairways for precision and welcoming greens for beginners, there's something for every golfer. As you go from hole to hole, Lake Simcoe's natural beauty enhances every game, turning a golf day into an adventure.


12 Winter activities in Lake Simcoe

Colorful ice fishing huts on Great Slave lake Derek Robbins /

When it snows, Lake Simcoe turns into a winter paradise, inviting explorers to journey across its icy surface. Ice fishing is a highlight, offering a peaceful chance to fish through ice holes in warm huts under the clear sky. If you're looking for action, snowshoeing uncovers secret beauties only seen in winter. Lake Simcoe buzzes with winter activities, its cold air matched by a warm community, making it a top spot for winter lovers.


13 Sunset Speedway

Sunset Speedway is a NASCAR-approved, 1/3 mile semi-banked oval racing track. This track thrills motorsports fans with its energetic races and roaring engines. The smell of rubber and races under bright lights create an electric atmosphere. Every event brings excitement, showcasing skilled drivers and an enthusiastic crowd. If you're looking for a fast adventure, a day at the Speedway offers action-packed races and lasting memories, making it a must-visit spot in Innisfil.


14 Thornton Cookstown Trans Canada Trail

The Thornton Cookstown Trans Canada Trail, just south of Barrie, is a 9.7-mile peaceful nature escape. Stroll peacefully through serene fields and woods dotted with picturesque countryside views. Slow down, breathe deep and enjoy Canada's beauty in your own time. Whether you want a good workout or a calm walk, the trail's easy and scenic path is ideal.


15 Cultural festivals and events

This region is transformed into a place where people can find meaning and come together through celebration and creativity. Barrie's Kempenfest thrills the audience with various displays of arts, music, and food. Festivals and the like are the area's cultural ambassadors as they spotlight the rich culture of the local community and also give participants a chance to socialize, creating lifelong friendships in the process. Perfect for tourists seeking fun and diverse culture.

Barrie, Innisfil, and Lake Simcoe collectively offer a mosaic of experiences, each piece a story and memory waiting to happen. It's a place where adventure and peace come together, welcoming you into a world that charms and excites you. And just like that, you find yourself not just visiting but belonging, if only for a moment, to the vibrant tapestry of life here. So, pack your bags, for an adventure where the water meets the woods and history whispers on the breeze. You'll want to stay a little longer.


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