25 Places to Stay in Palm Springs, CA

Nestled in the heart of the Coachella Valley, Palm Springs, California, is a desert oasis known for its mid-century modern architecture, stunning natural landscapes, and year-round sunshine. This glamorous resort town has long been a favorite getaway for Hollywood celebrities and discerning travelers alike. With a plethora of accommodation options, from luxurious resorts to charming boutique hotels, Palm Springs offers a unique stay for every type of visitor. Whether you're seeking relaxation, adventure, or a taste of the vibrant local culture, you'll find a perfect home away from home in this desert paradise. The city's rich history, which includes a strong connection to the Rat Pack era, and its current status as a hub for arts and music festivals, add layers of allure to its already magnetic appeal.


01 The Parker Palm Springs

Immerse yourself in the whimsical luxury of The Parker Palm Springs, where eclectic style meets opulent comfort. This iconic hotel, with its lush gardens and posh interior, offers a retreat that feels both exclusive and playful. Guests can indulge in spa treatments, lounge by the pool, or dine at the on-site restaurants, all while enjoying the impeccable service that The Parker is known for. The hotel's design, envisioned by Jonathan Adler, features a mix of retro and contemporary elements that pay homage to Palm Springs' architectural heritage. The Parker also boasts several hidden nooks and crannies, perfect for those seeking a quiet moment away from the desert sun.

02 La Quinta Resort & Club

Experience the epitome of relaxation at La Quinta Resort & Club, a Waldorf Astoria Resort. This historic property features Spanish-style casitas, suites, and villas surrounded by picturesque mountain views. With multiple pools, world-class golf courses, and a tranquil spa, La Quinta Resort & Club is a sanctuary for those seeking a serene escape. The resort's legacy dates back to 1926, attracting Hollywood's elite with its discreet luxury and privacy. Guests can also enjoy the resort's extensive tennis facilities and the variety of dining options that cater to every palate.

03 The Saguaro Palm Springs

The Saguaro Palm Springs is a vibrant and colorful hotel that captures the essence of the desert's lively spirit. Known for its Instagram-worthy exterior and lively pool scene, The Saguaro offers guests a fun and energetic atmosphere, complete with modern amenities and a calendar full of events and activities. The hotel's design is inspired by the colors of native desert flowers, providing a visual feast that's as refreshing as the poolside cocktails. The Saguaro also places a strong emphasis on community, hosting local musicians and artists to create a truly immersive Palm Springs experience.

04 Korakia Pensione

Step into the Mediterranean and Moroccan-inspired haven of Korakia Pensione. This enchanting boutique hotel offers a peaceful and romantic setting with its candlelit paths, outdoor fireplaces, and intimate accommodations. It's a unique escape that feels worlds away from the bustle of everyday life. The hotel's architecture and decor transport guests to a far-off land, while the attentive staff ensures a personalized and memorable stay. Korakia Pensione also offers a variety of wellness activities, including yoga and meditation, to complete the tranquil experience.

05 Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel

The Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs Hotel stands tall as a beacon of modern sophistication in the downtown skyline. With its rooftop pool offering panoramic views of the desert and mountains, chic rooms, and a lively atmosphere, the Rowan is a stylish base for urban explorers and relaxation seekers. The hotel's location in the heart of Palm Springs provides easy access to local attractions, while its pet-friendly policy ensures that even four-legged guests are treated with luxury. The Rowan's commitment to sustainability is evident in its eco-friendly practices and locally sourced cuisine, making it a responsible choice for the conscious traveler.

06 Ace Hotel & Swim Club

Ace Hotel & Swim Club is a hip and casual hotel that embodies the cool, laid-back vibe of Palm Springs. With its retro-inspired rooms, popular pool parties, and a focus on communal spaces, the Ace is a favorite among younger travelers and those looking for a social, unpretentious stay. The hotel's on-site diner and bar serve up comfort food and craft cocktails, perfect for fueling the fun. Ace Hotel & Swim Club also offers a range of wellness options, including a gym and spa, to ensure guests can both play hard and relax deeply.

07 L'Horizon Resort & Spa

L'Horizon Resort & Spa is a luxury boutique hotel that offers an exclusive and intimate experience. Designed by renowned architect William F. Cody, this mid-century modern masterpiece provides guests with private bungalows, a stunning infinity pool, and top-notch service in a sophisticated setting. The resort's focus on privacy makes it a favorite hideaway for celebrities and those seeking a discreet getaway. L'Horizon also prides itself on its fine dining restaurant, where guests can savor exquisite dishes under the stars.

08 The Ritz-Carlton, Rancho Mirage

Perched on a hillside with breathtaking valley views, The Ritz-Carlton, Rancho Mirage is a sanctuary of elegance and comfort. Guests can enjoy refined luxury, exceptional dining, and a world-class spa, all while being enveloped in the natural beauty of the Palm Springs area. The hotel's attention to detail and commitment to service excellence are evident in every aspect, from the beautifully appointed rooms to the carefully curated experiences. The Ritz-Carlton also offers a range of outdoor activities, including hiking and cycling, for those looking to explore the rugged landscape.

09 Colony Palms Hotel

Colony Palms Hotel is a historic gem with a storied past, offering a blend of Spanish colonial charm and modern luxury. With its lush gardens, intimate pool area, and stylish accommodations, this hotel provides a tranquil and chic retreat for those looking to unwind in style. The property's history as a 1930s speakeasy and celebrity hideout adds a layer of intrigue to your stay. Colony Palms Hotel also emphasizes farm-to-table dining at its on-site restaurant, where guests can enjoy fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

10 Hotel California

Hotel California is a quaint and cozy boutique hotel that exudes a warm, welcoming atmosphere. With its personalized service, comfortable rooms, and close proximity to downtown attractions, guests can enjoy a laid-back stay that feels like a home away from home. The hotel's Spanish architecture and lush landscaping provide a picturesque setting for relaxation. Hotel California also offers guests the use of bicycles, encouraging exploration of the surrounding area at a leisurely pace.

11 Andreas Hotel & Spa

Andreas Hotel & Spa combines the elegance of a bygone era with contemporary amenities and services. This historic hotel, located in the heart of Palm Springs, offers a relaxing spa, intimate pool, and charming accommodations, making it an ideal spot for a romantic getaway or a restful retreat. The building's original 1930s Spanish Revival architecture has been lovingly preserved, providing a sense of nostalgia. Andreas Hotel & Spa also features a wine hour for guests to mingle and enjoy selections from local vineyards.

12 Desert Riviera Hotel

Discover a slice of paradise at the Desert Riviera Hotel, where hospitality and attention to detail are second to none. This mid-century modern hotel boasts a heated pool, lush gardens, and personalized service, ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay for all guests. The hotel's design reflects the iconic aesthetic of the 1950s, with period-appropriate furnishings and decor. Desert Riviera Hotel also offers complimentary bicycles, a fire pit, and a garden hammock, creating a variety of spaces for guests to relax and connect.

13 ARRIVE Palm Springs

ARRIVE Palm Springs is a modern and inviting hotel that caters to the social traveler. With its communal fire pits, lively pool area, and on-site dining options, ARRIVE is a place where guests can connect, relax, and experience the best of Palm Springs' vibrant culture. The hotel's architecture and interior design are sleek and contemporary, providing a fresh take on the desert aesthetic. ARRIVE also emphasizes local engagement, with a calendar of events that includes outdoor movies and live music, fostering a sense of community among guests and locals alike.

14 Triada Palm Springs, Autograph Collection

Triada Palm Springs, part of the Autograph Collection, offers a luxurious and artistic stay in the Movie Colony neighborhood. This Spanish hacienda-style property features elegant rooms, stunning mountain views, and multiple pools, providing a sophisticated and tranquil oasis. The hotel's rich history as a celebrity retreat adds to its allure, with past guests including silver screen legends. Triada Palm Springs also boasts an on-site Mediterranean-inspired restaurant, where guests can indulge in flavorful dishes in an elegant setting.

15 The Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn

Step back in time at The Willows Historic Palm Springs Inn, a beautifully restored 1930s mansion that once hosted celebrities and dignitaries. This exclusive boutique hotel offers unparalleled privacy, exquisite rooms, and manicured gardens, creating a sense of timeless elegance and charm. The inn's eight guest rooms are each uniquely decorated, offering a personalized experience steeped in luxury. The Willows also provides a gourmet three-course breakfast each morning, ensuring a delightful start to the day.

16 Del Marcos Hotel

Del Marcos Hotel is a classic example of Palm Springs' mid-century modern architecture. Designed by William F. Cody, this adults-only hotel offers a relaxing and stylish retreat with vintage-inspired furnishings, a saltwater pool, and a friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The hotel's location within walking distance to downtown Palm Springs makes it an ideal spot for those looking to explore the area's shops and galleries. Del Marcos Hotel also hosts evening wine receptions, allowing guests to unwind and socialize in a sophisticated setting.

17 Sparrows Lodge

Sparrows Lodge is a rustic yet chic retreat that provides a unique and intimate stay. With its barn-style rooms, communal barn kitchen, and vegetable gardens, guests can enjoy a down-to-earth experience that's both comfortable and memorable. The lodge's history as a former retreat for Hollywood's elite adds a touch of glamour to the rustic ambiance. Sparrows Lodge also offers a range of activities, including horseback riding and guided hikes, for guests to fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area.

18 The Hideaway

The Hideaway is a boutique hotel that captures the essence of Palm Springs' mid-century modern design. With its intimate setting, personalized service, and classic 1950s architecture, this hotel is a peaceful retreat for those looking to relax and rejuvenate. The Hideaway's tranquil pool area is surrounded by citrus trees, providing a refreshing and aromatic environment. The hotel also offers a selection of cruiser bikes, inviting guests to explore the neighborhood's iconic homes and landmarks at their own pace.

19 Alcazar Palm Springs

Alcazar Palm Springs is a sleek and modern boutique hotel that offers a tranquil and minimalist escape. With its clean lines, white decor, and serene pool area, Alcazar provides a refreshing and contemporary stay in the heart of Palm Springs. The hotel's focus on simplicity extends to its amenities, which include Italian linens and plush robes for ultimate comfort. Alcazar Palm Springs is also home to two popular dining establishments, offering guests the convenience of quality cuisine right at their doorstep.

20 Old Ranch Inn

Old Ranch Inn is a charming and intimate hotel that exudes a sense of historic Palm Springs. This secluded property features individually decorated rooms, a lovely pool area, and a cozy ambiance, making it a perfect hideaway for those seeking privacy and relaxation. The inn's location in the historic Tennis Club neighborhood provides easy access to nearby hiking trails and cultural attractions. Old Ranch Inn also prides itself on its personalized guest services, ensuring a stay that's tailored to each visitor's preferences.

21 Villa Royale

Villa Royale is a vintage hideaway that offers an adults-only experience steeped in old Hollywood glamour. With its classic Spanish architecture, lush grounds, and three pools, guests can indulge in a timeless and romantic stay. The hotel's intimate bar and restaurant serve as a gathering place for guests to enjoy craft cocktails and Mediterranean-inspired dishes. Villa Royale also features a rotating art gallery, showcasing works by local artists and adding an artistic flair to the guest experience.

22 Les Cactus Palm Springs

Les Cactus Palm Springs is a whimsical and trendy hotel that brings a touch of French flair to the desert. This newly renovated property offers a playful and chic atmosphere, complete with a heated pool, hammocks, and stylish accommodations. The hotel's name, inspired by the 1960s French rock 'n' roll song, reflects its fun and eclectic spirit. Les Cactus also provides a complimentary continental breakfast, adding a European twist to the start of each day.

23 Desert Hills

Desert Hills is a tranquil retreat that captures the spirit of 1950s Palm Springs. This boutique hotel, nestled against the San Jacinto Mountains, features a beautiful pool, vintage decor, and a peaceful environment that's perfect for a restful vacation. The hotel's attention to preserving its mid-century heritage is evident in every detail, from the original artwork to the classic poolside loungers. Desert Hills also offers a range of amenities, including a library and a poolside kitchen, for guests to feel completely at home.

24 Casa Cody

Casa Cody is the oldest operating hotel in Palm Springs and is rich in history and charm. This romantic bed and breakfast offers a quaint and intimate stay with its adobe hacienda-style accommodations, lush gardens, and serene ambiance. Founded by Hollywood pioneer Harriet Cody in the 1920s, the property retains a sense of old-world charm. Casa Cody also hosts a variety of events, from intimate weddings to cultural gatherings, making it a central part of the Palm Springs community.

25 The Chateau at Lake La Quinta

The Chateau at Lake La Quinta is a picturesque lakeside boutique hotel that offers a unique and elegant stay. With its stunning views, gourmet dining, and luxurious rooms, The Chateau provides a tranquil and opulent escape from the ordinary. The property's reflection on the lake creates a serene and romantic atmosphere, ideal for couples and those seeking a peaceful retreat. The Chateau at Lake La Quinta also features a bistro with an outdoor patio, where guests can dine al fresco while enjoying the beautiful lakefront vistas.


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