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15 Exciting Things to Do At Night in Montreal

As the sun sets over Montreal, the city comes alive with a vibrant and thrilling energy that's impossible to resist. From hidden speakeasies to rooftop bars and underground clubs to luxurious spas, Montreal's nightlife scene is a dazzling kaleidoscope of options that cater to every taste and mood. Whether you're a night owl looking for an adrenaline rush or a culture vulture seeking out the latest art and music, Montreal has something to offer. The city's diverse neighborhoods, each with their own unique character and charm, are filled with hidden gems waiting to be discovered. With a reputation for safety and a friendly, welcoming vibe, Montreal is the perfect destination for a night out on the town. So put on your dancing shoes, grab your sense of adventure, and get ready to experience the magic of Montreal after dark. In this article, we've curated a list of 15 of the most exciting, unique, and unforgettable things to do in Montreal at night so you can make the most of your time in this incredible city. Get ready to discover a world of possibilities and create memories that will last a lifetime.


01 Attend a live music performance

Montreal's live music scene is a melting pot of genres, with something to suit every taste. Jazz enthusiasts should head to Upstairs Jazz Bar & Grill, a cozy venue that has hosted some of the biggest names in jazz since 1995. For a more indie vibe, check out Casa del Popolo, a small but mighty venue that showcases up-and-coming local and international acts. If you're in town during the Montreal International Jazz Festival, you're in for a treat - the festival attracts over 2 million visitors each year and features more than 650 concerts, many of which are free. No matter when you visit, be sure to check local listings to catch your favorite acts or discover new ones.

02 Explore the Montreal Casino

Located on the picturesque Notre Dame Island in the St. Lawrence River, the Montreal Casino offers a dazzling array of entertainment options for visitors 18 and over. In addition to the excitement of gaming tables and slot machines, the casino features live music performances and captivating shows. When hunger strikes, choose from a variety of dining options, ranging from casual cafes to upscale restaurants, each offering delicious cuisine and attentive service.

With its 24/7 operating hours, the Montreal Casino is the perfect destination for a thrilling late-night adventure. As you explore the casino's offerings, take a moment to step outside and admire the breathtaking views of the city skyline, creating an unforgettable experience that combines the best of Montreal's nightlife and scenic beauty. Remember to bring a valid government-issued ID to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit to this premier entertainment hub.

Montreal Casino, built for Expo 67, sits on Notre Dame Island and is the largest casino in Canada. It is open around the clock. Jane Rix /

03 Take a ghost tour of Old Montreal

As the night falls, the cobblestone streets of Old Montreal take on an eerie atmosphere, perfect for a spine-chilling ghost tour. These guided walks offer a unique perspective on the city's rich history, delving into the dark tales and haunted locations that have shaped Montreal's past. Professional storytellers and actors lead you through the winding alleys and historic buildings, sharing vivid accounts of ghostly encounters and tragic events.

Popular stops on these tours include the old city walls, centuries-old cemeteries, and reputedly haunted buildings like the Place d'Armes Hotel. As you explore the district, your guide will regale you with stories of the restless spirits said to roam the area, such as the ghostly bride of Notre-Dame Basilica and the spectral soldiers of the Old Port. Dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable shoes, as you'll be walking outdoors for the duration of the tour. Joining a ghost tour with companies like Haunted Montreal or Ghost Walks is an unforgettable way to experience the city's spooky side while learning about its fascinating history.

04 Enjoy a late-night poutine

After a night of exploring Montreal's vibrant nightlife, there's no better way to satisfy your late-night cravings than with a classic poutine. This quintessential Quebec dish, invented in the 1950s, features crispy french fries topped with rich gravy and squeaky cheese curds. Many restaurants and food trucks throughout the city serve poutine well into the early morning hours, making it the perfect post-bar snack.

Some popular spots to grab a poutine include La Banquise, which offers over 30 unique variations, Poutineville, known for its customizable poutines, and Montreal Poutine, a classic take on the dish. For those with dietary restrictions, fear not – several restaurants now offer vegetarian and vegan versions of poutine, so everyone can indulge in this comforting Canadian favorite. Don't be afraid to try a unique twist on the classic, such as adding smoked meat or replacing the fries with tater tots for a new experience.

05 Visit the Montreal Botanical Garden

Spanning an impressive 190 acres, the Montreal Botanical Garden is a must-see attraction for nature lovers and those seeking a tranquil escape from the city's bustling nightlife. During the summer months, the garden comes alive with special evening events, including live music performances and guided tours that showcase the beauty of the gardens under the stars.

One of the most enchanting sights is the illuminated Chinese and Japanese gardens, which take on a magical quality at night. Stroll through the softly lit pathways, admiring the intricate designs and serene water features that transport you to a world of beauty and harmony.

In addition to the stunning gardens, the Montreal Botanical Garden is home to the Insectarium, where you can discover a fascinating collection of over 250,000 insect specimens. Witness live displays of butterflies and other insects, marveling at the incredible diversity of these tiny creatures.

Before planning your visit, be sure to check the garden's website for information on special events and evening hours to make the most of your nighttime experience at this breathtaking oasis.

06 Go stargazing at the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium

Escape the city lights and embark on a celestial journey at the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium. This modern facility offers an immersive experience, allowing visitors to explore the wonders of the universe through captivating shows in its two cutting-edge domed theaters. The planetarium's expert presenters guide you through a variety of topics, from the fundamentals of astronomy to the most recent discoveries in space exploration, making it an engaging and educational experience for all ages.

Conveniently situated within the Space for Life complex, which also houses the Montreal Biodome and Insectarium, the planetarium is easily accessible and offers a well-rounded experience for science enthusiasts. Shows are available in both English and French, with special bilingual presentations on select dates, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the magic of the cosmos. To secure your spot, purchase tickets online in advance or visit the planetarium's box office upon arrival. Get ready to be transported to the depths of space and marvel at the beauty of the night sky at the Rio Tinto Alcan Planetarium.

07 Experience Montreal's nightclub scene

Montreal's electrifying nightclub scene is a must-experience for party enthusiasts and music lovers. The city boasts an eclectic mix of venues, each with its own unique vibe and style. Stereo, a legendary after-hours club, is known for its state-of-the-art sound system and underground techno beats, attracting top international DJs. For a more upscale experience, head to Apartment 200, where you can dance the night away amidst chic decor and a fashionable crowd.

New City Gas, housed in a converted industrial space, hosts an impressive lineup of live music performances and themed events. Keep in mind that while Montreal's legal drinking age is 18, some clubs may enforce a higher age limit or a specific dress code. Cover charges and drink prices can vary, so it's a good idea to check the club's website or social media pages beforehand. Don't forget to bring a valid government-issued ID to ensure a smooth entry into the venue of your choice. Dress to impress and get ready to immerse yourself in Montreal's thrilling nightclub scene.

08 Take a midnight stroll through Mount Royal Park

Mount Royal Park is a breathtaking urban oasis that offers a peaceful escape from the city's bustling nightlife. As the clock strikes midnight, embark on a romantic stroll through the park's winding trails, designed by renowned landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, who also created New York City's iconic Central Park.

With the city lights twinkling in the distance, make your way to one of the park's lookout points, where you'll be treated to a stunning panoramic view of Montreal's skyline. The serene atmosphere and gentle breeze create the perfect setting for an intimate conversation or a moment of quiet reflection.

Covering over 692 acres, Mount Royal Park features a diverse array of natural wonders, including lush walking trails and a tranquil lake. As you explore the park's nocturnal beauty, be sure to stay on marked paths and exercise caution to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. A midnight stroll through Mount Royal Park is an unforgettable way to cap off an evening in Montreal, immersing yourself in the city's natural splendor and creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

09 Attend a late-night comedy show

Montreal's vibrant comedy scene offers a fantastic way to spend an evening laughing the night away. The city is home to numerous comedy clubs that host stand-up, improv, and sketch comedy shows late into the night. Popular venues include The Comedy Nest, known for its intimate atmosphere and top-notch lineups; Montreal Improv, which offers interactive and engaging improv shows; and Comedyworks, a long-standing club that has showcased both local and international talent.

Many of these shows feature a mix of up-and-coming local comedians and established international acts, ensuring a diverse and entertaining experience. Keep an eye out for bilingual comedians or shows performed entirely in French, reflecting Montreal's unique cultural blend.

If you're visiting in July, don't miss the Just for Laughs festival, one of the largest international comedy festivals in the world. With hundreds of performances across multiple venues, this festival attracts some of the biggest names in comedy.

Before heading out, be sure to check the venue's website or local listings for showtimes and ticket information to secure your spot at one of Montreal's legendary late-night comedy shows.

10 Explore Montreal's food markets

Montreal's food markets are a true feast for the senses, offering a wide array of local specialties and international flavors. Jean-Talon Market, the largest open-air market in North America, is a must-visit destination for food lovers. With over 300 vendors, you'll find everything from fresh produce and artisanal cheeses to baked goods and prepared meals. The market's lively atmosphere is particularly enchanting in the evening, as locals and tourists alike gather to savor the delights on offer.

Atwater Market, housed in a stunning Art Deco building, is another popular spot for late-night food adventures. The market's gourmet food stalls showcase the best of Quebec's culinary heritage, with offerings such as smoked meats, maple syrup, and craft beers. Marché Maisonneuve, located in the city's east end, is a hidden gem that features an eclectic mix of local and international cuisines.

When exploring Montreal's food markets, be sure to bring cash, as some vendors may not accept credit cards. Take your time browsing the stalls, chatting with friendly vendors, and sampling the delectable treats on display. These vibrant markets offer a unique and immersive way to experience the city's rich culinary culture while rubbing shoulders with locals and fellow food enthusiasts.

11 Take a dinner cruise on the St. Lawrence River

Taking a dinner cruise along the St. Lawrence River is a romantic and memorable way to spend an evening in Montreal. As you set sail, you'll be treated to breathtaking views of the city's illuminated skyline, with iconic landmarks like the Old Port and the Jacques-Cartier Bridge providing a stunning backdrop.

Onboard, you can indulge in a delicious meal, with options ranging from casual buffets to elegant multi-course dinners. Many cruises also feature live music, adding to the enchanting ambiance. As you dine and take in the sights, you'll learn fascinating facts about the St. Lawrence River, which stretches over 1,900 miles from Lake Ontario to the Atlantic Ocean

Popular cruise companies like Bateau-Mouche and AML Cruises offer a variety of packages to suit different preferences and budgets. To ensure your spot on this unforgettable experience, be sure to book your dinner cruise well in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons.

12 Experience Montreal's craft beer scene

Montreal's thriving craft beer scene is a must-explore for any beer enthusiast visiting the city. With over 30 microbreweries now operating in the Montreal area, there's no shortage of unique and flavorful brews to sample. Some of the most popular craft breweries include Dieu du Ciel!, known for its innovative and experimental beers, Harricana, which offers a cozy taproom and full food menu, and Brasserie Beau's, a family-run brewery that has been producing award-winning beers since 2006.

Many of these breweries offer tours and tastings, giving visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the brewing process and the opportunity to sample a variety of beers. If you're in town during the first week of June, don't miss the Mondial de la Bière, one of the largest international beer festivals in North America, which showcases over 500 beers from around the world. Before heading out, be sure to check brewery websites for hours and tour information, as some may have limited evening hours.

13 Attend a late-night art event

Montreal's vibrant arts scene comes alive at night, with numerous galleries, museums, and performance spaces hosting special late-night events. From exhibit openings to live performances and interactive installations, there's always something exciting happening in the city's creative spaces.

One of the most popular late-night art events is Nuit Blanche, an annual all-night arts festival that takes place in late February or early March. During this event, hundreds of venues across the city stay open late, offering a diverse array of exhibitions, performances, and activities. Visitors can explore everything from contemporary art installations to live music and dance performances, all while soaking up the festive atmosphere.

Another must-see event for art lovers is Art Souterrain, a public art festival that takes place in Montreal's underground city. This unique festival features installations and performances by local and international artists, transforming the city's subterranean passageways into a captivating art gallery. As you wander through the underground city, you'll encounter thought-provoking works that challenge your perceptions and ignite your imagination.

To stay up-to-date on the latest late-night art events in Montreal, be sure to check local listings and venue websites regularly. With so many incredible options to choose from, you're sure to find an event that speaks to your artistic sensibilities and leaves you inspired long after the night has ended.

14 Go for a late-night skate at Atrium Le 1000

For a unique and memorable late-night experience, head to Atrium Le 1000, an indoor ice skating rink nestled within the 1000 de la Gauchetière building in downtown Montreal. Open year-round with extended hours during the winter months, this popular spot is perfect for a post-dinner or post-show skate.

As you glide across the ice, you'll be surrounded by the building's impressive architecture, with colorful lighting and a lively sound system adding to the festive atmosphere. Skate rentals are available on-site, making it easy for visitors to join in on the fun, even if they don't have their own equipment.

Before planning your visit, be sure to check the rink's website for current hours, pricing information, and any special events or theme nights that may be taking place. Whether you're a seasoned skater or a beginner, an evening at Atrium Le 1000 promises to be an unforgettable addition to your Montreal nightlife experience.

15 Take a late-night dip in Bota Bota's floating spa

In Montreal's Old Port, Bota Bota is a one-of-a-kind floating spa that offers a tranquil escape from the city's bustling nightlife. This luxurious spa, located on a converted ferryboat, features an array of pools, saunas, and steam rooms, as well as massage and beauty treatments designed to help you unwind and rejuvenate.

Take advantage of Bota Bota's late-night hours and indulge in the spa's water circuit, which includes hot tubs, cold plunge pools, and a heated pool boasting breathtaking views of the city skyline. As you move through the circuit, you'll experience a range of temperatures and sensations that work together to soothe your muscles, improve circulation, and promote deep relaxation.

For an even more pampering experience, book a massage or beauty treatment in advance, as the spa can get busy during peak hours. With its serene atmosphere, stunning location, and top-notch amenities, Bota Bota is the perfect destination for a late-night dip that will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever the rest of your Montreal adventure has in store.


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