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15 Cool Activities To Do in Sarnia

Sarnia, Ontario, is located on the shores of Lake Huron, where it meets with the St. Clair River. This beautiful waterfront with breathtaking sky-blue waters borders the United States, making it easily accessible. The area boasts many tourist attractions with compelling art, rich cultural scenes, breathtaking recreation sites, and fulfilling leisure activities. Whether you're in for outdoor activities or out for a family fun moment, Sarnia has you covered. You're in for memorable moments whether you want to enjoy nature, sports, or family-friendly activities.

Let's explore what Sarnia offers by focusing more on its parks, cultural heritage, sports activities, adventure sites, entertainment activities, and more.


01 Visit Canatara Park

Canatara Park boasts different attraction sites, from a long stretch of sandy beach picnic pavilions, to rent, a bike track, and numerous paved and unpaved trails. It offers a worthwhile experience with its commitment to water quality, having earned a Blue Flag status. Canatara Park is famous in Sarnia and boasts the top family getaway site with a number of recreational activities. It has an extensive parkland with perfect picnic spots, swimming areas, and trails for nature walks. In addition, the beach is friendly to people living with disabilities thanks to rubber mat walkways for more effortless mobility of wheelchairs. You'll enjoy the fun and comfort, whether you're an enthusiast of nature or you prefer family picnics.

02 Explore local museums and galleries

Sarnia has several museums and galleries depicting rich historical and cultural experiences. You can take a walk to the local museums like the Stone's N Bones, which features a collection of animal fossils, rich history, and precious stones. It offers extensive knowledge of minerals, gemstones, artifacts, and shells. In addition, you get to learn a lot, from small animals like insects and butterflies to massive shark jaws and dinosaurs. If you love art and want to understand Canadian culture, the Judith and Norman Alix Art Gallery has you covered. Explore the exceptional visual art display with lectures and programs that inspire creativity.

03 Enjoy an evening visit at the waterfront in Sarnia, Ontario

Thanks to the Great Lakes waterfront blue flag status, you will enjoy a beautiful experience in an area with high water quality along the St. Clair River and Lake Huron. The scenic blue water trails offer a memorable cycling and walking experience along a beautiful water edge. The waterfront begins at Lasalle Line and flows through the river along paved paths and bike lanes to St. Clair parking. The waterfront offers a mix of restaurants, shops, and cafes that are visible and easily accessible. You'll get something for your taste buds with delectable meals that provide a great culinary experience for you and your family.

The Brights Grove Beach offers a peaceful environment where you can have fun with your family in a private space along the waterfront. You will have a calm moment with plenty of fun options that will keep your children entertained throughout. From kayaks, paddle boards, canoe rentals, and more, you'll get something to meet everyone's choice. Brights Groves has more for cycling enthusiasts, with available cycling routes that add more to your to-do list. Get to enjoy a quiet afternoon along a sandy beach that offers a peaceful experience in a private space.

04 Engage in thrilling outdoor activities

Sarnia offers a wide range of outdoor activities you can enjoy with your family on your summer getaway. Experience hiking trails on natural wetlands as you fall in love with sunrise and sunset shots. Climbing to the top of the hill at Highland Glens offers a beautiful view of Lake Huron. You can go down the sandy beach by the boat ramp or stay up, enjoying the scenic views, and maybe jump into the water afterward.

If you love water sports, you can put your skills to the test at Border Pass Sarnia Cable Wakeboard Park. Experience the thrill of wakeboarding with a safe and unique electric-powered cable pull. The wakeboard park is open to people of all ages, with beginner lessons to help everyone enjoy flowing water. Cycling lovers can also hit the trail along the Point Edward waterfront. Enjoy the scenic views of the St. Clair River and Lake Huron as you cycle through Canatara Park to Bluewater Bridge. If you love camping, the A.W. Campbell Conservation Area offers family-friendly sites to cater to you or your group.

Enjoy the in-ground pool, kayak rentals, and multiple hiking trails to meet your adventure needs.

05 Discover local wineries

The Sarnia region boasts local breweries and wineries that offer wine-tasting events. You can experience a wine-tasting tour along Lake Huron's west coast, offering tastings that showcase the region's local flavors. Allen Farms Estate Winery and Dark Horse Estate Winery provide a tremendous wine-tasting experience on Ontario's Blue Coast. Allen Farm Estates showcases the area's local flavors with handcrafted wines along the shores of Lake Huron. The wine-tasting experience includes entertaining events like hiking, fireplace games, and snowshoeing. It's an experience you'll want to enjoy with the whole family as you make memorable moments.

Dark Horse Estate Winery offers a great aesthetic that you'll want to enjoy over and over. The winery area is made of rustic wood details, while the VIP area and patio have a glance of excellent artistic touch with fine finishes. A wood-fired pizza oven is available on the patio, which will come in handy on winter nights.

06 Enjoy an unforgettable golfing experience

Sornia offers plenty of golfing opportunities if you play the sport. You can get an enjoyable golfing experience from clubs like Sunset Golf, Bright's Grove Golf Club, and Huron Oaks Golf Club. The clubs have golf clinics and training catering to all skill levels. You can experience a touch of nature with lovely trees, various hole types, and excellent amenities at Hurons Oaks Golf Course. You can also choose to have a good time on the open front as you enjoy the satellite layout of the golf course with its long length. Bring your family to Brights Grove and Huron Oaks Golf Club and shape your golfing skills as you enjoy the lovely environment.

07 Discover the region's diverse arts and culture

Explore the vibrant art and culture displayed along the Blue Coast in Sarnia. There is plenty of artistic talent and creatives who exacerbate the area's rich cultural beliefs and a laid-back coastal lifestyle. Visit the local museums and art galleries to get a feel for the available talent and understand their exceptional history. A walk into the renowned Judith and Norman Alix Art Gallery offers a variety of artistic expressions with programs that inspire creativity.

Other places that can give you a feel of Sarnia's art and culture include the Lawrence House Center for the Arts and Gallery in the Grove, which offers opportunities for art talents to showcase their creative works. Enjoy thrilling street art displays and incredible music from talented performers at different joints. You can consider joining the immersive cultural walkabout and celebrating Sarnia's art and culture every first Friday of the month.

A walk down the city's cultural district offers an immense touch of artistic works from musicians, writers, and actors. You will be spoilt for choices and get a fulfilling experience of vibrant artistic expressions in a lively atmosphere.

08 Enjoy a fun-filled day out with family

You can enjoy a family-friendly moment at Sarnia's farms as you get a taste of fresh fruits and produce. Korny Korners Adventure Farm and Macklin's Farm Produce offer kid-friendly fun activities, and you can enjoy picking your produce at different times of the year. If you want to experience a lovely harvest destination for family-friendly activities, Korny Korners is the place to be. You can have an excellent tasting experience of different fruits and vegetables, among other products, throughout the season. Apart from the fun, you get a fantastic food trailer for great eats from a farm market that you'll enjoy with your family back home. You can also bring in your family for the annual Pumpkinfest. Here, you will enjoy Hog Hollow Pig Races, a view of farm animals, and PYO pumpkins for each child.

09 Attend Bluewater BorderFest

Enjoy a breathtaking music experience at the Bluewater BorderFest. The three-night music festival brings together top American and Canadian musicians in Border City to celebrate while getting beautiful views of the Sania waterways. The event is open to all ages; hence, you can bring all your family members to taste the entertainment. There is a long lineup of entertainment from top artists beginning Thursday through Saturday. Reminisce about your old days with oldies music or enjoy the latest jams from current stars.

10 Visit the Oil Museum of Canada

Get a wealth of knowledge about the history of oil mining and the influence of Canadian oil pioneers at Oil Museums of Canada. The museum's rich history dates back to James Miller, who dug the first commercial oil well in North America in 1858. Learn the historical facts and understand how the modern petroleum industry started with a short video at the museum. Understand the rich history of the museum gallery by touching the drilling tools and artifacts and getting the historical perspectives of foreign drillers who moved around the world in search of black gold. You'll understand the unique and fascinating stories through artifacts, culture, and history. The eye-catching exhibition gives a comprehensive overview of the petroleum industry in Sarnia. You get to see photographic expressions, geological displays, and souvenirs of oil drillers.

11 Stroll through Germain Park

Germain Park offers an enriching environment to enjoy peace while taking a stroll. Situated in close proximity to the entrance of East Street, this location offers convenient access for visitors. Flanked with an award-winning flower garden trail, the park offers a spectacular view and breathtaking flower scents. The park is famous for outdoor activities and leisure walks thanks to its well-maintained grounds. It's a nice place to enjoy with your loved ones while strolling in a peaceful environment, enjoying the scents of the beautiful flowers. There are plenty of benches available in the park; hence, you can decide to get a great view of the area while enjoying the environment. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the trees and flowers, capturing lovely photos. Germain Park is a spot to consider for your wedding day and enjoy delightful moments with your better half.

12 Explore the Bluewater Trails

Get ready to enjoy the long stretch of the Bluewater Trails from downtown Sarnia through Sarnia Bay. The Bluewater Trail spans about 20 kilometers, offering a scenic route for visitors to explore a variety of activities, including hiking, biking, horseback riding, and camping while enjoying the natural beauty surrounding Sarnia. There are plenty of pathways and trails to help you navigate through, but for the ultimate experience, on the Blue Water Trail, you can easily access the trail from different points, though Sania Marina is the most preferred access point. Also, enjoy your rides or hiking experience from Campbell Street to the public beach area in the Northwest. The trail line offers various lookouts and historical features, giving you a great understanding of Sarnia and its shoreline areas.

13 Participate in outdoor sports at Centennial Park

For lovers of sports, there are lots of sporting activities you can participate in while visiting Sarnia. The recreational center at Centennial Park is a hub for sports enthusiasts, with different amenities available to cater to everyone. The park has a multipurpose gymnasium with basketball, pickleball, and volleyball courts. Fans of soccer, baseball, and softball will find a field that provides an authentic outdoor sporting experience. Have a feel of the barbecue area, an amphitheater, picnic areas, walking trails, playgrounds, and tennis courts. If you're looking for swimming lessons or aqua jam classes, a pool is available.

14 Relax at a beachfront resort or cozy cabin

Sarnia offers many accommodation opportunities, ranging from luxurious resorts to cozy cabins. Enjoy amazing views of the beautiful shores of Lake Huron from fully equipped beachfront homes. Many of the beachfront resorts have a glass deck to offer a full view of the lake and a fantastic sunrise and sunset. Unique outdoor activities await you, from nearby golf courses to wineries and amazing parks. Feel the breeze from the lake while resting on the waterfront deck, or enjoy a bonfire on a chilly evening. The beachfront resorts offer a perfect spot for your swimming experience with a slow slope and a free area with no rocks. You can later enjoy barbeque in a fully renovated kitchen at these beachfront resorts.

15 Sample local cuisine and breweries

Sarnia offers a wide range of local cuisine and breweries you can sample. From Sarnia's first craft brewery, called the Refined Fool, you have plenty of sampling options to taste. You get over 20 beers to taste, including IPA, milk stout, or Belgian strong ale. The brewery has made over 100 beers since its inception, proving its strength in the local market. Get a pint of the brew you want to taste or get a sampling of beers. You'll get something for your taste buds from the wide range of brews available. The Burger Rebellion Kitchen on the side offers a wide variety of local cuisine to quench your appetite. Get a burger and salad of your choice from the long list available. Make your order, and the food will be served at the counter within minutes.


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