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15 Best Things to Do in the Fraser Valley

Spanning the southwestern portion of British Columbia and northwestern Washington State, Fraser Valley is truly a nature lover's heaven. Your senses will come alive with seasonal outdoor experiences all year long. At the same time, small cities and towns dot the wide expanses of nature, offering havens for shopping, dining, and exploring the local culture.

This vibrant region marks the junction point between natural beauty, adventure, and culinary delights. From exploring local farms and craft breweries to getting out under the wide open sky to appreciate the vast wonders of the world, you can do it all here.


01 Agritourism and wildlife adventures

Fraser Valley abounds with agritourism and wildlife adventures. At the popular Taves and Maan Farms, you'll get the ultimate agritourism experience, complete with picking fresh fruits to savor while you explore the essence of farm life.

When you're done with picking produce to your heart's content, there's still so much to see and do. Keep an eye out for eagles in the air, flying graceful swoops overhead as you meet local farm animals and observe the intricate balance between preserving wildlife in an agricultural community.

02 Explore craft breweries and wineries

Your experience in the Fraser Valley isn't complete without savoring the amazing craft breweries and wineries. Abundant opportunities await at places like Field House Brewing featuring brews crafted with local hops. Pick up some of the locally brewed lagers from Old Yale Brewing, to pair perfectly with your barbecue. For something a bit sweeter, Krause Berry Farms and Estate Winery wines of practically every flavor imaginable await, like blueberry or blackcurrant.

03 Culinary experiences

Every trip is made infinitely better with delectable culinary experiences and Fraser Valley won't let you down. There's a major emphasis on farm-to-table meals in this agricultural area, and the freshly picked produce is a real treat.

Locals know what's up when they head over to Krause Berry Farms for the waffle bar. Cover your freshly made waffle with freshly grown fruits for an unforgettable breakfast. Each berry bursts with sweet, juicy goodness in your mouth.

04 Cultural and historical tours

Fraser Valley is so much more than its agriculture. It's a land rich with history and cultural significance. The area's history predates its agricultural claim to fame all the way back to the Indigenous Peoples.

Cultural and historical tours weave through the lands while knowledgeable tour guides divulge the unique significance of each destination. You'll leave this beautiful valley with a newfound reverence for its past and how it came to be what it is today.

05 Twilight Drive-In Theatre in Langley

Drive-in theatres aren't all that easy to find in BC anymore, but you'll come across one in Langley. For the ultimate trip back in time, drive up to watch a movie under the shimmering stars. The tranquility and nostalgia evoke feelings of a time when things were simpler and couldn't be beaten by sitting in traditional theatres.

You'll find modern cinematic offerings in this retro setting. Pair the films with an extensive concessions offering and you've got dinner and a show in an old-timey ambiance that's sure to please.

06 Sturgeon fishing

Sturgeons are truly awe-inspiring to see. They're even more amazing to catch and reel in on your own. Your adventures continue on the Fraser River, where you have the rare chance to catch one of these massive creatures. Once you reel it in, snap your pictures for Instagram quickly and prepare to release it. These fish are protected due to overfishing, and you must release any surgeons you catch.

07 Explore Othello Tunnels

The Othello Tunnels once served as old train tunnels and bridges that managed to pass through the granite walls and cross the Coquihalla River. While the railways are gone, the paths remain in the form of hiking and cycling trails.

The hike through the tunnels is easy enough for beginners and offers some of the most stunning views you'll find. They're pup-friendly too, so don't be afraid to bring your four-legged friend along for the hour-long trek.

08 Sunset canoeing at Cultus Lake

A swimming platform extending onto a calm Cultus Lake on a smoky Autumn morning

As the sun sets over Cultus Lake, you're treated with some of the most amazing splashes of color reflected on the surface of the water. From a canoe in the center of the lake, all of life's problems are left on the shore, and you're free to revel in the sheer beauty of the experience.

As the water seems to catch flame in the sun, the silhouettes of countless trees surrounding it cast a stark line between the lake and the sky. You'll want to snap a few pictures quickly before soaking in the tranquility of it all.


09 Visit the International Friendship Garden

In nearby Abbotsford, you'll discover the International Friendship Garden. It's a hidden gem in the area, nestled behind the Clearbrook Library and waiting to be explored.

True serenity fills the garden with picturesque waterfalls and vibrant colors. In the Golden Tree statue, three women gaze serenely over the park, almost as if they're silent protectors of all who walk through. The maiden, mother, and matriarch gently appear from the branches of the apple tree statue, surrounded by golden apples and iridescent leaves that create an ethereal mysticism.

10 Attend the Harrison Hot Springs

Not much can take the ache out of your limbs after a day of adventuring, like gently lowering yourself into a hot spring. It's said that settlers discovered the hot springs in the mid-1800s while traveling to nearby gold fields. However, for years before that, the local Indigenous Peoples saw these beautiful waters as a healing place.

The scenery surrounding the hot springs is unparalleled as you let these waters soothe away the aches and pains.

11 Stargazing in McDonald Park

For all too many people, the breathtaking night sky is choked out by urban light pollution. In McDonald Park, city streets are hardly a concern. Pack up a picnic blanket and a telescope and head over at sunset to experience stargazing as it was generations ago.

Innumerable stars will dot the sky overhead as you look up at them. Satellites blink by, and shooting stars send flashes of light streaking across the darkness.

12 Enjoy seasonal festivals

The coming and going of the seasons are cause for celebration in the Fraser Valley. Locals revel in the festivities for traditional events like the Chilliwack Tulip Festival. This annual experience has been a local staple since 2006. While it used to be housed on Seabird Island, it's now permanently hosted on a 109-acre farm in Agassiz, surrounded by mountain vistas, stunning colors, and the most unbelievable sweet scents wafting through the air.

Another local favorite is the Fort Langley Cranberry Festival. it's held the Saturday before Thanksgiving each year to commemorate the annual harvest of local cranberries. Each year, around 35,000 people flock here to join in on the festivities, which include shopping local artisan wares, delectable food trucks and the chance to buy farm-fresh cranberries.

CHILLIWACK, CANADA - APRIL 20, 2019: big tulip flower field at the Chilliwack Tulip Festival in british columbia. Oleg Mayorov /

13 Historic Downtown Abbotsford

Exploring Downtown Abbotsford takes you through one of the area's historic gems. While there are plenty of things to do here, like shopping and pampering at salons, it's also a local hub for artisans selling their products and an opportunity to connect with the town's residents.

Local boutiques and restaurants line the streets, just waiting for you to discover them. The beloved Ann Maries Cafe stands as a testament to '50s-style diners with its checkered floor and vintage furniture. eat like the locals for breakfast or lunch here before exploring everything else downtown has to offer.

14 Chilliwack river kayaking

If you like a little more adventure with your trips, that's exactly what you'll find if you kayak down Chilliwack River. The calm areas serve as the perfect path to meander through the gentle currents and catch glimpses of local wildlife.

The beauty of the scenery is breathtaking, but don't hold your breath for too long. One section of the river features whitewater, with pool drop rapids, ledges, and other rough conditions.

15 Hiking at Golden Ears Provincial Park

Golden ears provincial park

Hiking opportunities abound in Golden Ears Provincial Park, a local favorite, thanks to the extensive range of hiking and horseback trails for every skill level. Whether you need a quiet, easy trail to dip your toes into hiking or to accommodate children on your journey, or you want to be pushed to extreme limits, trails here will deliver. Even better, no matter the difficulty level, you'll be treated to amazing views that encompass the sheer gorgeousness of British Columbia's wilderness.


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