10 Ultimate Experiences in Maui

Vacations are meant to be topped year after year. Maui has some of the most awe-inspiring experiences of any vacation options. With stunning beaches featuring black sand and impressive waves, one of Hawaii’s largest islands is a desirable destination for vacations. The area has a great deal to do from watching the migrating whales to taking part in the island tradition of luaus in the small beach towns. Surfing, parasailing, swimming, hiking, mountain biking, dining, and dancing are just some of the ultimate experiences in Maui.


01Maui Pineapple Tours


One of the more popular activities on Maui is taking a pineapple tour. Walking through the Hali’imaile Pineapple Plantation is both educational and delicious. Tastings along the way provide different stages of maturity of the pineapple. The guide will explain the history of pineapples in Hawaii, and at the end of the tour, each visitor will be able to take a pineapple home straight from the plantation!

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02Molokini Crater Snorkeling


Molokini Crater is a volcano that is partially submerged in the ocean and located approximately 3 miles off the southern coast of Maui. It is home to more than 250 types of incredibly colorful fish such as Yellow Tangs, Moorish idols, Puffers, Moray eels as well as some species of sharks. These fish swim and hide within the boldly colored coral that grows throughout. This is an excellent place to take an underwater snorkeling tour with a qualified professional.

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03Hike Haleakala’s Crater


Haleakala’s Crater is the largest dormant volcano in the world and offers visitors an excellent view of the island. The hike is just over 11 miles round trip and sports a walk under the canopy of foliage followed by the stark moon like walk across the sun-drenched surface of the crater. While the journey is not the easiest, the views and unearthly experience that it provides is worth the trip.

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04Volcano Mountain Biking


For those that are looking for adventure and thrills, biking down the side of a volcano such as Haleakala could do the trick. This 10,000-foot 23-mile biking experience across the moonlike surface and down a two-lane roadway will give you a different perspective on the day. Passing by fields filled with pineapple and sugar cane bringing you to a sandy end to your journey.

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05Hana Roadway


Famous for over 600 curves and 50 treacherous bridges, the 52-mile drive along the coastline to the town of Hana is an activity all its own. The amazing waterfalls, views from the lookouts set atop cliffs accompanied by beautiful smells of ginger blossoms and hibiscus are what most people dream about when they visit Hawaii, and it is all along this ride.

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06Cathedrals of Lanai


Diving in Maui is nothing short of amazing with incredible sea life and beautiful waters. Diving the Cathedrals of Lanai is one of the most impressive events experienced by visitors. The chamber that you drop into gives way to a lava rock ceiling as you come to a boulder set just so that it looks like a cathedral altar. This is a lava tube that has amazing natural architecture below the sea.

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07Seven Sacred Pools

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Seven Sacred Pools, better known to the locals as Oheo Gulch, provides visitors with water that is crystal-clear having dropped from a stream from above into the pool below. The pools are beautiful for swimming and lounging as well as a hot spot for cliff jumping for those wishing to break the rules of the posted signs along the way. Whether you want to jump in or simply want to enjoy the view, this is a site to be seen and photographed.


08Maui Golfing


There is little better backdrop for golfing than Maui with lush green canopies dropping down to exquisite beaches. The weather is perfect for a round or two of golf at one of the courses such as Kapalua Golf, Kaanapali Golf Courses, and Dunes at Maui Lani Golf Course. A day on the course is more than just another day when you enjoy the beauty that Maui brings to the golf course.

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09Helicopter Tour


Maybe one of the best ways to see the island of Maui is with a helicopter ride. This provides visitors with a 350-degree view of everything the island has to offer from lush green foliage to incredible beaches and crystal blue waters. The helicopter tours can provide travelers with a view of waterfalls in such a way that is breathtaking and will be memorable for years to come. This is also an excellent photo opportunity for any wanting to capture their trip to the island.

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10Keawakapu Beach


Of course, one of the best reasons to visit Maui is the beach. Regardless of whether you choose Keawakapu beach or one of the many other options on the island, it will be an experience that you never forget. The crash of the blue waves, the palm trees as they wave in the breeze and the beautiful sand make the beach a perfect way to unwind and reset. This is the perfect way to end your visit to the island and to get ready for re-entry into the day to day world that you came from.

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