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10 Things to See and Do in Santa Fe

The capital city of New Mexico is rich in history and culture. A must-see for any art lover, Santa Fe is home to many galleries featuring everything from traditional art to contemporary. There are high-class accommodations, world-renowned restaurants serving authentic cuisine, and some of the best shopping in the country. There are myriad things to see and do in Santa Fe.


01 Traveler's Market


You can shop the world in this amazing marketplace. The Traveler's Market consists of specialty items from almost every country. Fabrics, books, jewelry, toys, clothing, and so much more! There is also a tribal art and antique market to explore. Be sure to set aside the better part of a day to peruse the market and surrounding malls and shops.

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02 Museum Hill

Museum Hill is a grouping of four world-class museums all in one area, complete with dining, shopping, and even a botanical garden. Spend your day exploring the Museum of Spanish Colonial Art, the Museum of Indian Arts & Culture, the Museum of International Folk Art, and the Wheelwright Museum of the American Indian.


03 Nambe Trading Post

A historic trading post with authentic handmade items from the Old West culture, Nambe Trading Post also hosts ongoing events such as art displays and antique shows. The market has authentic Indian bead and quillwork, Western movie costumes, Navajo weavings, Indian dolls, and jewelry. It is a true must see, even for browsers. There are not many places in the world you will find the items displayed at this market.


04 Cross of the Martyrs Park


Cross of the Martyrs is a beautiful park with stunning views of the city and a rich history. A giant cross, standing 25 feet tall, overlooks the site, a tribute to the priests and Spanish colonists who died in the Pueblo Revolt in 1680. Plaques share the history of the park, and the short hike is easy for most people. The views make it a popular place to watch the sunset.

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05 New Mexico Museum of Art


The building alone is worth visiting this stunning museum; the Spanish architecture is gorgeous and the oldest in the state. The museum has an open policy that allows New Mexico artists to display their works, bringing art and community together. It offers a diverse display of artworks and performances. Rotating exhibitions of local artists work are always available to view.

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06 Santa Fe Farmers' Market

The famous farmers' market in Santa Fe started small in the 1960's and has grown to showcase over 150 vendors. It's the largest in the state and is open year-round for visitors and locals alike to find the finest produce in the area. The market is also home to the Railyard Artisan Market, which features jewelry, musical instruments, pottery, and much more. All items are made by New Mexico artisans. There is even an onsite winery, gift shop, and cafe.


07 Santa Fe River Park Trail

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Get outside and explore the grounds at the Santa Fe River Park Trail. The park and trail system follows the river almost ten miles. Sometimes the riverbed dries out, a strong reminder you're in the desert. The park has sculptures and picnic tables, and the trail is easily walkable and offers unique perspectives of the city to explore with friends, family or your furry friend.


08 Meow Wolf

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The name alone might make you want to visit this place. Meow Wolf is a fairly new addition to the Santa Fe art scene and is quickly leading the pack. Established by a large arts and entertainment group with locations in Las Vegas and Denver, the unique museum offers hands-on experience in all types of art.


09 Pecos National Historical Park


Pecos National Historical Park is a great place to visit and explore. It preserves the history of the Pueblo culture in the form of two Spanish Colonial Missions, trails, and site of a Civil War Battle. Take a guided ranger tour to truly immerse yourself in the experience. The park also offers fishing, camping, and hiking.

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10 International Folk Art Market

The International Folk Art Market is a one of a kind place that gives local artists the opportunity to display and sell their pieces. The market is committed to preserving folk art traditions worldwide. Visitors submerge themselves in a world full of culture and some of the most wonderful handmade items you can find. The market holds folk art bazaars most weekends, where folks can grab up jewelry, clothing, art, and other items at great prices.


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