10 Exciting Things to Do in Las Vegas with Kids

Today, Las Vegas is more kid-friendly than ever before. If you thought that Vegas was exclusively for adults, think again! This desert city has rebilled itself to attract all age demographics. When visiting with children, you'll find a wealth of things to see and do that are sure to please a wide variety of interests. From its family-friendly resorts to its entertaining shows, Las Vegas is definitely a city that kids can enjoy.


01Kid-Friendly Resorts

Las Vegas

Las Vegas attracts people from all over the globe with its luxury resorts--and families will find that some are particularly in tune with their needs. Many resorts like Mandalay Bay feature attractions like world-class swimming pools that are sure to please water-loving kids. Many resorts and hotels also boast babysitting services that allow parents to enjoy some of the city's adult attractions.

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02Vegas Shows

kid friendly Las Vegas

Las Vegas has no shortage of entertaining shows—many of which are completely family friendly. The city features a wide array of auditoriums and theatres that host concerts, magic shows, and world-class performers like Cirque du Soleil. Before traveling to Vegas, be sure to check into what shows are in town. It’s always a good idea to get your tickets in advance.

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gameworks Las Vegas

Do your kids love games? If they enjoy competing and winning, take them to GameWorks, one of the city’s most popular attractions with kids. GameWorks features a bowling alley as well as throngs of state-of-the-art arcade games. There’s a game for every taste. GameWorks also features a large restaurant serving American favorites where kids can enjoy everything from hot dogs to hot fudge sundaes.

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04Mandalay Bay Aquarium

aquarium Las Vegas

Mandalay Bay’s Shark Reef Aquarium is a major Vegas attraction in its own right. The aquarium features sharks, of course, that are sure to amaze kids. In fact, the aquarium is home to 15 different shark species. Even if you don’t choose to book rooms at the resort, you can certainly visit this world-class attraction that is sure to thrill people of any age.

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Las Vegas food

Whether or not your kids are foodies, they’re going to love to eat in Vegas. Naturally, the hotels and resorts feature room service, but the city boasts loads of kid-friendly eateries that include Metro Pizza, Dave & Busters, and The Rainforest Café. Whether your youngsters prefer lobster or a juicy cheeseburger, they’re sure to eat well in this city that’s known for its diverse range of cuisine.

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06The High Roller

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Located at the LINQ Hotel, the High Roller is a Ferris Wheel that offers arresting views of the city that surrounds it. Kids are invariably thrilled to ride this attraction—and adults will likely love it too if they can stand the height! Tickets are available at the site. Rides are offered in the afternoons. At night, the wheel lights up and becomes one of the most recognizable features of the Vegas skyline.


07Hoover Dam

hoover dam Las Vegas

Hoover Dam is one of the country’s great engineering marvels, so it’s not surprising that many visitors to Vegas take time to head to the dam. While a costlier option, helicopter tours are increasingly popular. Many families prefer to drive to the site and take one of the tours that provide information about the dam’s history, its construction, and continued importance to the region.

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08Hot Air Balloon Rides

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If you and your kids don’t mind heights, consider taking a hot air balloon ride to see the city from high above. These rides not only showcase the amazing architecture and lights of the city, but they also showcase the surrounding desert landscapes that make the setting so unique. If you’re looking for a fun way to spend a morning or afternoon, keep this option in mind.


09AdventureDome Theme Park

kid parks

Kids who love thrilling rides and non-stop action are sure to enjoy spending several hours at AdventureDome Theme Park. As one of the largest amusement parks in the country, AdventureDome boasts a myriad of activities like games, 4-D theatres, and more. Of course, the rides are the features that keep the kids coming back for more.

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10Red Rock Canyon

tours for kids

If you want to enjoy a nature-inspired experience with your older children, head to Red Rock Canyon to do some climbing. The red rocks are celebrated geological attractions located just outside of the city. When you need a break from the lights and crowds of the city, the canyon and its trails promise a full day of outdoor fun.  

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