10 Best Things to Do in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. The architecture of the city is unique and draws people in from all over the country. In recent years the city has become home to a growing foodie trend with a number of interesting markets and restaurants opening their doors. Those that love the outdoors will find plenty to do in this sunny city including hiking in the surrounding mountains and cycling across the Golden Gate Bridge.


01Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate bridge is famous across the world and is the iconic image that represents the city of San Francisco. The bridges name refers to the body of water that it spans, the Golden Gate Strait. Try walking or cycling across the bridge to get a real feel of the size and beauty of the bridge. The views while crossing the bridge are stunning and provide plenty of photo opportunities. 669719364Mlenny / Getty Images

02Ferry Building Marketplace

This is the top attraction for foodies in the city. The building acts as a public food market that is home to a number of small food stores, restaurants, and snack stops. You will find food from all around the world in this market, and if you can't find it here, you won't find it anywhere in the USA. 479156280heyengel / Getty Images

03Golden Gate Park

This recreation park looks out over the Golden Gate bridge. The park is a popular spot with locals, and you will find people out enjoying a picnic, jogging, walking, and cycling. The park is similar to Central Park in New York in that it serves as a backyard for many residents who don't have any outdoor area at home. 144804246Akropot / Getty Images

04The Exploratorium

This is unlike any museum you have ever seen. Referred to by the staff as a hands-on learning laboratory, children and adults alike will learn something at the Exploratorium. The museum has over 600 interactive exhibits across a wide range of subjects from ancient history, to science, and the universe. Plan to spend at least a full day here to get the most out of the exhibits. 160583646Vacclav / Getty Images

05Cable Cars

San Francisco is famous for their cable cars, and they are a feature of the city as they go up and down the steep hills. The majority of people will have seen them in movies, series or even postcards. Visitors love using this mode of transport, but you will see plenty of locals on the cable cars on their way to work or school. 480373634batuhanozdel / Getty Images

06Mission District

This was originally a Mexican district of San Francisco, but in recent years it has attracted a Bohemian crowd. Try any of the local restaurants for an authentic burrito or other Mexican dishes. There are plenty of interesting coffee shops in the area, and it is known for its liberal vibe. Head to one of the parks for the gorgeous views of the city. 545457166photo_chaz / Getty Images


This infamous prison has featured in movies and legends since it was opened. In 1972 it was taken over by the National Park Service, and it is now a popular tourist attraction. The prison housed some of societies worst offenders including the mob boss, Al Capone. Set in the middle of San Francisco Bay, it was almost impossible to escape from and was considered the highest security prison in the USA. 849446742DanHenson1 / Getty Images

08Fishermans Wharf

Fishermans Wharf is a place that was popular with tourists and locals alike. However, in recent years the area has become so full of tourists that many locals avoid the area. If you do want to try Fisherman's Wharf, you will find stunning views of the bay and a variety of restaurants and small markets. 698389398legacy1995 / Getty Images

09China Town

New York City may have the most famous China Town in the USA, but many people find that the one in San Francisco is more authentic. This is the place that invented the Fortune Cookie that has become a part of Chinese meals across the world. Walk through the streets and local markets before trying some of the best Chinese food in the world. The area is very well known for Peking Duck and a variety of dumplings. Try the egg tarts at the Golden Gate Bakery for a unique San Francisco experience. 871050230Jorge Villalba / Getty Images

10AT&T Park

Home to the San Francisco Giants since 2000, this is one of the most scenic ballparks in the USA thanks to its views across the bay. The stadium has played host to a number of World Series games and finals. Tours are available throughout the year except on game days. Take a look at the display of trophies and other baseball memorabilia. 89144337DanCardiff / Getty Images

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