Located on the upper stretches of the Mississippi River in Minnesota, the city of Minneapolis has so much more to offer than the cold winter weather it’s famous for. Minneapolis is the largest city in the state and, as such, brims with amenities and attractions that locals and visitors can enjoy. Although a modern city, Minneapolis has many green spaces as well as a multitude of cultural venues. If you’re planning to visit this northern city anytime soon, be sure to keep the following best-loved Minneapolis attractions in mind.


01Chain of Lakes Regional Park

Minnesota is famous for its many lakes, so when visiting Minneapolis, be sure to visit the Chain of Lakes Regional Park, which is located to the southwest of the city’s center. The five lakes of this park each have their distinctive charms. For instance, Lake Harriet is popular for its beaches and rose gardens, while Lake Calhoun is popular with boaters. During the warm season, the park is vibrant with crowds who come to enjoy outdoor performances and fests.

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