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10 Beaches in Italy the Locals Love

Italy brims with attractions and dazzling stretches of coastline. While tourists invariably flock to Italy’s most popular beaches, the locals know a few secrets and are keeping some of their best-loved beaches under wraps. Of course, visitors are certainly welcome, but you have to know where to go to find these amazing coastal vistas. If you’re determined to visit the beaches in Italy, add some of these to your list.


01 Ponza


Ponza has been attracting beach-loving Italians since the days of Ancient Rome. Part of the Pontine Archipelago in Tyrrhenian Sea, Ponza is the site of an extinct volcano. If you’re planning a visit to the island, you’ll want to check out the enchanting Half-Moon Beach,  the island’s largest. You can easily access the island by catching a ferry from Naples, Formia, or Anzio. Ponza attracts Italians in search of beauty and simplicity. You won’t regret a visit here.

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02 Fornillo Beach


Situated on the dazzling Amalfi Coast, Fornillo Beach is just a ten-minute walk from the always-crowded Spiaggia Grande. Italians love this beach for its tranquil atmosphere and undeniable beauty. You can swim, sail, or just enjoy laying out in the sun. Fornillo Beach features amazing views of the sea and Amalfi’s famous seaside cliffs. If you want to avoid the crowds but still enjoy the Amalfi beach scene, head to Fornillo.

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03 Capalbio


The coast of Capalbio is on the border of Lazio and Tuscany. Because it’s closer to Rome than Florence, it is a favorite destination for Romans on holiday. The gorgeous stretch of coastline is known for its turquoise waters and soft sandy beaches, which are clean and popular with swimmers, sunbathers, and watersport lovers alike.

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04 Tropea


Breathtaking Tropea is in Calabria and known to Italians as the “Pearl of the Tyrrhenian.” Tropea features pure white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. The old town perches on a cliff that overlooks the sea, making for a postcard-worthy setting all around. Italians have been flocking to these shores since the days of the Roman Empire, and once you visit, you’ll understand why Tropea continues to be among the best-loved beaches among Italians.

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05 Baia dei Saraceni


Situated near the town of Variggoti, Baia dei Saraceni is part of the Italian Rivera. Unlike many of the region’s beaches, Baia dei Saraceni tends to remain quiet and altogether relaxing. It boasts calm crystal-blue water and soft sandy beaches. Be sure to bring along your camera; you’ll want to photograph this beautiful stretch of beach.

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06 Scalo Maestro


Scalo Maestro sits on the small island of Marettimo. The beach will enchant you with its serenity and natural beauty; it is small and quiet but is a celebrated snorkeling hot spot. Although you might never tire of swimming here, you could also charter a boat to encircle the island and photograph its lovely coastal stretches.

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07 Capreria Beach


Located on the Western coast of Sicily, Capreria Beach is characterized by crystal clear waters. The area is protected, so you won’t find developments here, but that’s how it remains one of Italy’s hidden beach gems. If you love snorkeling, this beach will not disappoint. Plus, the many caves along the coast near the beach are fun to explore.

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08 Isolla Bella


Situated just off the coast of Sicily near Taormina, Isolla Bella is a holiday-seeker’s dream with its turquoise waters and tranquil atmosphere. Featuring stunning views of the Ionian Sea, Isolla Bella boasts calm waters perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or even paddleboarding. A small path connects this bay island to the mainland.

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09 Gaeta


If you’re traveling from Rome toward Naples, be sure to stop at Gaeta, a lovely coastal town Italians visit expressly for the beaches. Whether you want to cool off in the turquoise water or soak up some rays, Gaeta’s beaches are sure to amaze you with their beautiful terrain. There are also some interesting cultural sites nearby like an abandoned Roman villa near Fontania Beach.

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10 Baia dei Turchi


One of the cleanest beaches in the country, Baia dei Turchi attracts families as well as beach-lovers. This beach is located in Puglia, just north of Otranto. A short walk takes you through lush forest. Once you see the glittering blue ahead, you’ll understand why locals rave about Baia dei Turchi.

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