A big advantage of Europe is its size. Having so many countries close together is incredible for travelers. If you visit Europe, you can find time to fit in lots of countries at once. France is one of the most popular of these spots, with millions of tourists descending on its capital alone each year. It’s a beautiful country that is full of history, traditions, and wine. However, there is also the misconception of its people being “rude.” In actuality, it’s that there are a few things that we should not do in France.


01Don't speak English right away

It doesn’t matter how long you’re going to be in France for, you should always learn some easy words and phrases in French. One of the main reasons that people think the French are rude is because they just haven’t tried to speak the language. If anything, that’s what’s rude. The French are actually warm and kind people who will appreciate the fact you’re learning their beautiful language. If you have too much trouble, they might even switch to English just for you. Phrases that will always come in handy are Bonjour (hello), pardon (excuse me), s’il vous plait (please), and merci (thank you).

eiffel tower autumn borchee / Getty Images