When traveling, we usually have things we should do when we’re visiting a place we haven’t been to before. What we aren’t told about is what we shouldn’t do. Every country has its own customs, with those differing depending on the city you’re in. England is a country that’s on most of our bucket lists. Whether we want to see what London has to offer or to explore, the biggest country in the British Isles is primed for new adventures.


01Never stop in the middle of a busy street

England is a nation of tutters. A tut is a sound you’ll hear if you stop in the middle of Central London to take a group selfie. In places like London, everybody has somewhere to be. Even when they don’t. It’s why they always seem to be in a rush, and also why there’s a designated side to stand - the left - on the escalators. We tourists have a habit of wanting to document every part of our trip. However, if that’s to get a group shot in the middle of Oxford Street, it’s guaranteed that we’ll irk the locals. The same goes for checking a map to see where you need to go. In general, a good line of action is only to stop when there are seats to sit, or you’re not on a crowded street. Lest thee be the victim of a heavy sigh from passers-by.

london market street arcade NicolasMcComber / Getty Images