Home is where the heart is, but some homes may have more perks than others. While it's difficult to objectively rate one state as better or worse than its neighbors, there are some where the general quality of life tends to be high. Experts have crunched the numbers to determine which states tend to rank higher than others. There is some disagreement depending on which qualities the analysis emphasizes the most, but these are generally considered the best states to live in the USA.



Although it may be small, Vermont consistently scores high on lists of the best states to live in due in part to its high resident satisfaction rate. Approximately 77 percent of Vermonters say they feel "active and productive," according to a Gallup poll. The state's stunning wilderness area, growing economy, and active culture may have something to do with this. In addition, Vermont has a very low crime rate to help residents feel safe. The only downside is that if you don't enjoy hiking and other outdoor activities, you may find yourself struggling to find things to do in your free time.

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