There's no doubt about it⁠—travel is an eye-opening and exciting experience. It's easy to get caught up in the thrill of being in a brand new place. The world is, for the most part, a safe place for tourists. That said, don't let your safety be an afterthought. Preparing for the unexpected by doing everything you can to prevent worst-case scenarios minimizes the chance you'll encounter risky situations in unfamiliar places. A little extra precaution will ensure that your next trip will be a memorable one⁠—for all the right reasons!


01Safety in numbers

The more people you have around you, the less likely you'll be targeted by predators. Not only will you have more eyes on your valuables, but you'll have more people to help you chase after a thief⁠—if it comes to that. A group is much more intimidating to opportunists than someone on their own.

If you're traveling solo, it's always a good idea to make some new friends to explore with. Backpacker hostels are great for this. However, don't put your trust in the people you meet too quickly. Unfortunately, some scammers specifically target backpackers looking for a friend. It also goes without saying that you should never leave your valuables with someone you just met either, no matter how nice they seem.

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