Turkey is an intriguing and appealing country that remains entwined with its ancient cultural influences. Turkey was once ruled by mighty empires such as Rome, Egypt, Persia, Byzantine, and Ottoman. The open-air hippodrome was once the site of Roman chariot races. This engaging country continues to acclaim its historic significance with the presence of Egyptian obelisks, beautiful mosques, towering cathedrals, grand bazaars, and traditional hammams.

01Do Not Forget to Pack Essentials

Sunset in Istanbul xavierarnau / Getty Images

The best times to visit Turkey are May and September through the middle of November when the weather is clear and pleasant. Summers are hot and dry, winters cold and snowy, but in either season always pack a sweater or jacket. Carry your visa and a passport with six months validity from the date you enter Turkey or entrance may be denied. Carry cash in small denominations, an ATM card, and credit card. Traveler’s checks are not readily accepted, and there are often long waits at banks and post offices.