Los Angeles is known across the world for being the home of Hollywood. Its boulevards are renowned, and almost every building in the area has its tales of Golden Age stars who might have dined there. Los Angeles is a busy place full of beautiful people, rolling hills, and iconic sites. It's home to the Chateau Marmont, the Walk of Fame, and the Chinese Theater. Overlooking all of this is the Hollywood Sign. But as many things as there are to do, there are also things not to do in Los Angeles.


01Don't take a Hollywood homes tour

Although everyone gets the appeal, shelling out for a tour of celebrity homes might not be the best idea. There is so much more to see in Los Angeles than its stars. Furthermore, if you do want the chance to run into somebody famous, you’re far more likely to do so in a Starbucks than you are on one of these. Not to mention LA residents, both celebrity and non, are understandably annoyed when tours are blocking their drives.

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