If it feels like your little corner of the country is practically bursting at the seams these days, with crowds and traffic jams an unavoidable aspect of your everyday life, you probably wonder where your state would rank if The United States held a nationwide popularity contest. Well, thanks to carefully curated census data and expert predictions, we can forecast what the most populated states in the country will be by the end of this year. Is your state one of them?



Population: 39,776,830 2019 expected growth: 0.61% Percent of US population: 12.13%

America’s colossal west coast state, California, is home to one of the most diverse populations in the world, and also takes the number one spot as the most populous state in the US. Most of the state’s inhabitants are concentrated in its large cities, three of which also happen to be the largest by population in the US: San Diego, San Jose, and Los Angeles. The Golden State is also home to the largest county by population in the country, Los Angeles County.

California Most Populated States in America