Booking rooms with on Airbnb has all but replaced the hotel option for some tourists. For anyone wanting a closer-to-local travel experience, Airbnb can be a comfortable and less expensive option, allowing you to stay in a real home in a real neighborhood. But being an Airbnb guest – or host for that matter – comes with its own special rules of etiquette and graciousness. Here's a few tips on minding your manners.


01What if I don't want to hang out with the host I'm sharing with?

People choose to be Airbnb hosts for different reasons - it's not always all about making money. Some hosts enjoy meeting different people, sharing their homes, and even hanging out with their guests. Usually, there's an indication of their preferences in the description of their place. Choose your rental accordingly, and be aware that having an in-house source of information and support is invaluable. Exchanging pleasantries and casual chat at the beginning and end of the day is usually fun for all, but never feel obligated or awkward about following your own travel agenda independently if that's what you want to do.

Two women chatting. There's no obligation to be besties with your host. supersizer / Getty Images