Are you unknowingly violating the golden rules of travel etiquette? While travel is in itself immensely rewarding, it would be even more so if everyone followed a few basic rules of politeness, both en route and after arriving at their destination. Apart from seasoned travelers and frequent flyers, not everyone knows these guidelines because they are, for the most part, unwritten. But once you're aware of them, you can start leading by example — and help make seeing the world a better experience for everyone.


01Reclining your seat

"The right to recline" is one of the most hotly debated issues in travel etiquette. Some people view it as their right — after all, they paid big bucks for their seat, so they might as well be comfortable. Other people, especially the ones who now have a seat two inches from their nose, see it as unforgivably rude.

In this age of ever-shrinking legroom, the best etiquette is to keep your seat in an upright position. The only exception is if you're on avery long flight and need to recline your seat for some shuteye. Even then, it's best to check with the person behind you before doing so.

Young man sitting in airplane cabin near window. People flying by plane. izusek / Getty Images