03Air Canada

Air Canada was one of the first airlines to begin charging for luggage. Passengers quickly became irate because the company not only charged a premium for any bag but restricted carry-on size and weights. It is a good idea to travel light if you fly on this northern-based carrier. The airline is Canada's largest, with flights to some 160 destinations around the globe.

Many Canadians appreciate the ease with which they can reach far-ranging destinations from the home front. Unfortunately, Air Canada has become one of the most expensive airlines with which to book. One instance stands out for a frustrated group of passengers who booked an easy flight from Antigua to Toronto. The flight was delayed for four hours before the pilot aborted the takeoff when he slammed on the brakes. Later the plane had to make an emergency landing in San Juan, where the passengers had to share rooms for the overnight stay.

xavierarnau / Getty Images