Flying today can be a hassle, what with long lines, small seats, harried flight attendants, rude passengers, and unavoidable delays. Passengers pay a premium for what many consider to be a stressful experience. The big airlines may fly to more destinations with bigger jets and more flights, but many travelers are turning to smaller budget airlines for savings, more comfort, and less aggravation. However, there are times when flying on a major carrier is unavoidable. Here are a few airlines to avoid when traveling around the world.


01United Airlines

How the mighty have fallen. United Airlines, the nation's third-largest, has gone from one of the most popular airlines to one of the most heavily criticized. In 2017, a video of a passenger being dragged from an overbooked flight went viral. Not too long afterward, United sent a beloved pet to the wrong destination and, worse, was responsible for killing another passenger's dog. Perhaps to defuse customer complaints, United has started a test program that lets passengers know the reason for flights that are significantly behind schedule. But does knowing you will be spending more time in the uncomfortable airport seats or the overpacked lounge make it any better?

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