If you’ve ever experienced long lines, major delays, complex networks of terminals to navigate, and shuttles you hope you don’t miss, you’re probably familiar with the headache of flying in and out of busy airports. The busiest airport in the world is Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta, Georgia, with 107 million passengers filing through its harried terminals just last year. In fact, three of the top ten busiest airports on earth are located right here in the United States. If you have an international flight in your future, however, you’re probably wondering what the busiest airports outside of America are.


01Beijing Capital International Airport

Where: Beijing, China Passengers last year: 100.9 million

To say China’s biggest airport is busy is a bit of an understatement. Every year since 2004, the airport has set new records for itself with the staggering numbers of people passing through its gates. With a whopping 100,983,290 travelers flying in and out of Beijing Capital International last year alone, needless to say, the airport suffers from congestion issues, and there are frequent delays. The newly constructed Beijing Daxing International Airport, which outsizes both London Heathrow and New York’s JFK, should take some of the load off this mega-airport.

Traveler silhouettes at airport,Beijing 06photo / Getty Images