A hotel room may be the place you hang your hat for a night or a week, but it’s also someone’s job site. These days, travelers expect quite a bit from their hotel experience, and as competitive as the hospitality industry is, hotels often try their utmost to deliver outstanding service so that we’ll leave them a positive review and choose to stay there again. As guests, we can acknowledge their efforts and the efforts of staff who are entrusted to care for our rooms by demonstrating our gracious manners. Rely on these etiquette tips when staying at a hotel.

01Minimize Your Messes

Trashed hotel room

As a matter of course, hotel staff will visit your room to maintain its cleanliness. They’ll vacuum and change sheets. They’ll remove rubbish from bins and provide other cleaning services as needed, but it’s not appropriate for guests to create big messes and expect the staff to deal with it. They may have to deal with it, but it’s a demonstration of poor manners on the part of the guest--and it happens more than you might think. It’s simply good hotel etiquette to pick up your spilled popcorn, to place your pop or beer cans in a wastebasket, or to flush the toilet.