The beautiful weather in South Carolina is one of the biggest enticements of moving to the state. The average temperature is 64-degrees Fahrenheit, and annual lows are rarely below 50. Property taxes in South Carolina are some of the lowest in the United States. Despite these attractive factors, there are no major metropolitan areas in South Carolina. Cities in South Carolina bear little resemblance to northern cities such as New York City or Philadelphia. South Carolina's culture is very laid back. Individuals and families in northern states with a desire to relocate frequently find great places to live in South Carolina.

01South Carolina Facts

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  • The state is nicknamed the "Palmetto State"
  • The Palmetto is the state tree
  • The Carolina Wren is the state bird
  • The state song is "Carolina"
  • Top agricultural products include peanuts, tobacco, watermelon, turkeys, peaches, and cattle
  • The state has 103 school districts