For the art lover, the Louvre is the equivalent of the Great Pyramids of Giza or the great wall of China. You can study every object it holds, presently just shy of 40,000, and you still won't understand how beautiful nor how daunting it truly is until you see it. While thousands upon thousands of pieces were painted, sculpted, drawn in other countries, they seem naturally at home in Le Louvre.  One day is far from enough time to navigate its 72,735 while admiring some of the world's most famed pieces of art. However, there are tips and tricks to getting the most out of a single day that everyone should know.


01Ignore the Mona Lisa?

Heathens have compared Le Louvre to an amusement park. Suggesting that there are far too many people, too many lines, and too many things in the museum to call itself a museum. While this is nonsense, of course, the one comparable point is that if you want to spend time with Harry Potter at Universal Studios, you're best served to go at opening or closing time, or possibly at lunch. Not having a bag with you will allow you to cut the line and at arrival, if you use the doors by the carousel, you can avoid the long lines forming at the pyramid to get in at opening.