Traveling solo is a liberating and uplifting experience. You have no one to consult and no itinerary other than your own to take into account; you are free to point to any location on a map and be there within 24 hours. But solo travel also carries risks. When steering your course alone, you definitely need to exercise more caution and make more well-considered plans. These are some of the most common mistakes of solo travel to identify before they happen to you when you're thousands of miles from home.


01Being Unprepared

Embarking on a trip with a group of friends without having done a lot of planning sometimes only adds to the excitement and adventure. If anything unforeseen happens, you have each other to fall back on and safety in numbers to rely upon. But when you travel alone, there is no back-up. If you do a little pre-travel planning, you can take a lot of the risk and possibility of unforeseen circumstances derailing your trip out of the equation. It is always a good idea to take a first-aid kit stocked with pain medication, disinfectant, and bandages with you when you are heading into the unknown. Copies of your important documents can also be of great help should anything happen to the originals, as are emergency phone numbers and a bit of extra cash.

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