Travelers need a comfortable bed, but many seek unique experiences to share with friends, family, and followers back home. These days the lines are blurred between hotels, private dwellings and fantasy destinations. The word 'hostel' no longer suggests the cheap and spartan shared dormitories. From being located in some of the most desirable locations around the world, creatively serve up themed accommodations, to extra amenities designed to charm, the right hostel can be a thrilling dig for all classes of travel.


01Hostel Tresor - Ljubljana, Slovenia

Built-in a 19th-century bank smack in the center of Ljubljana's cobbled Old town area, Hostel Tresor draws budget travelers to explore the many unsung wonders of Slovenia. Steps from Presēren Square and the Three Bridges crossing the Ljubljana River, this hostel has all the conveniences plus a superb location close to bus and train transport for moving on.

Atmospheric Old town and the famous Triple Bridge over the Ljubljana river. Mlenny / Getty Images