If we really are what we eat, food trends show that we are becoming more ethnically diverse and mindful of our health and environment. Travel and social media are bringing far-away flavors within reach to our homes and restaurants. We are more intentional in choosing foods that offer health benefits with less processing. Also, consumers and food vendors are finding ways to save time and money preparing meals. Get a taste of what's showing up on our tables in 2020 and the next few years.


01Zing from the Mediterranean and the Middle East

As more people visit the Mediterranean and the Middle East, the appeal of these regions’ flavors lingers long after they return home. Diners are craving the fresh, healthy culinary options, and restaurants are sprouting up all over to meet demand. Highlighting vegetables, whole grains, and proteins, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern diets appeal to increasingly health-conscious eaters. Dates, rosewater, and seasonings such as za’atar, toum, and harissa will become menu staples as well.

mezze Middle Eastern food xavierarnau / Getty Images