The 8 season fantasy epic Game of Thrones had some excellent scene researchers. The popular series has a suitably dramatic backdrop for all the battle, dragon, and death scenes. So many death scenes! Although the wizards in the computer graphics department added extras like castles and deleted unsightly buildings from locations, they are instantly recognizable, and many make fantastic holiday destinations too. Beware of spoilers if you need to catch up with Game of Thrones!

01Highgarden Castle

game of thrones Highgarden real life flowersandclassicalmusic / Getty Images

The home to House Tyrell, castle Highgarden is the real-life Castillo de Almodovar del Rio in Spain. Although Highgarden was not on screen often – only appearing briefly in season 7 – the real castle is open to visitors allowing you to take your time exploring. Castillo de Almodovar sits on top of a hill giving gorgeous views across the Spanish countryside.