Roadside attractions are a part of American travel lore. Some are awe-inspiring, others are comical. And some even border on being offensive. The tradition of stopping to see these unusual and often one-of-a-kind sites dates back to the 1920s. Businesses created strange and unique signs, buildings, and sculptures to attract travelers' attention and hopefully, entice them to part with some of their tourist dollars. Today, there are thousands of roadside attractions across the country to satisfy your wanderlust and pique your curiosity.


01Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas

The idea behind this famous roadside attraction came from the eccentric billionaire, Stanley Marsh 3, a man who loved to poke the establishment with his artistic endeavors. Ten Cadillacs were originally purchased from a junkyard, painted, and buried nose-down in a pasture. The site has moved a few times but seems to have found a permanent home along the old Route 66 highway, parallel to Interstate 40. Visitors from all over the world stop here, so you never know who you'll meet. It is a long-standing tradition to bring a can of spray paint along and add your own artistic touches to the Caddies.

Famous art installation Cadillac Ranch