On the border between Texas and Mexico lies Big Bend National Park. The impressive mountains and landscape of Big Bend have been carved out over millennia by the River Grande. The park is a giant playground for outdoor enthusiasts with hiking trails, camping, canoeing, and bird-watching available. Some of the mountains are very popular with rock climbers wanting to test themselves. Those that prefer more relaxed activities can go for a scenic drive through the park, discover old ghost towns, and take a short boat ride across the river for lunch in Mexico.


01Saint Elena Canyon

The Saint Elena Canyon hike is one of the best in the park. This 1.7-mile trail offers incredible views and scenery along the way. You don't have to be very fit to attempt this hike as the whole trail only has an elevation of 80 feet making it relatively flat. The 1500 foot high walls of the canyon are an impressive sight. If the water is low, you can wade out into the canyon near the far end of the trail.

Cindy_Giovagnoli / Getty Images