We've all heard tales about phenomenon that are mysterious, the stuff of legend even. And there are certain places around the world that baffle even scientists. Whether it's a side trip or a full-on pilgrimage just for the hell of it, travel to these spots can be a lot of fun, requiring immersion in local lore to fully appreciate their strangeness. Many of these sites are also impossibly beautiful, making the journey well worth it to experience their special magic.


01Stone Spheres, Costa Rica

Like the rest of Central and South America, Costa Rica has an extensive pre-Columbian history. But whether these polished stone spheres discovered in the Diquis Delta region in the 30s were fashioned by tribal people, or are a naturally occurring phenomenon, is unsure. Made from gabbro igneous rock, which makes up the Earth's crust, the spheres are various sizes, and up to 6 feet in diameter and weighing as much as 16 tons. Legends suggest the orbs came from Atlantis; others that they hide treasure, however, the science around their origins is inconclusive.