Whether you're into Astrology or not, using the key characteristics is one way to decide which of the 59 National Parks in the US to visit next. The National Parks protect the best wild landscapes in the United States and include volcanoes, forests, mountains, lakes, and more. Are you a fire, earth, water, or air sign? Channel your flower child to find the right Park for you. While people are familiar with the famous marquee Parks like Yellowstone, there are also less crowded gems. All the National Parks are stunning in their own way, with adventures waiting to be discovered.


01Aquarius - Great Smoky Mountains

Aquarians are independent, forward-thinking, and enjoy helping others. They don't like being bored or lonely.

With the highest number of recorded visitors in 2015, the Great Smoky Mountains has enough people to stop Aquarius from getting lonely. But with the ever-changing mists reveling new views to wonder at, there's no chance for an Aquarian to get bored, either. Spend your days trekking through forests and up mountains, and your nights sleeping under a canopy of stars.

Path into Cades Cove AndrewSoundarajan / Getty Images